Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Recording Today!

We're in the recording studio today. The actors and actresses who lend their voices to Jenny, Tuck, Brad, Sheldon, Wakeman and all the other characters go into the recording booth where they each have their own microphone. We sit on the other side of the glass with recording engineers and the director coaches their performance. It's hilarious to hear the voices you know from the cartoon come out of real people.

Whose voice do you think is the funniest?


Spectrekid10 said...

My name is Joe, and I'm almost 9 years old. I think the funniest voice is Sheldon's, because it sounds like he has a stuffed up nose.

KerryJ said...

Hello, KerryJ making her debut at The Teenage Roblog. I linked to this place at my site the other day.

As for voices, I think that Candi Milo's is absolutely hilarious! Love the funny accent. XJ-NI-UHN! XD

R.Radna said...

Candi Milo's performance of Dr. Wakeman's reaction to Brad driving her car at the very end of "Unlicensed Flying Object" is among the funniest things that have been on the show so far.

Anonymous said...

I agree with kerryj and r.radna, Candi Milo's accent while perfor- ming Dr. Wakeman is hilarious! XD

George said...

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Anonymous said...

Quinton Flynn (aka Sheldon)
hes this really hot guy whos
playing a total geekazoid!!!