Monday, August 23, 2004

FAN ART WITH ADVERTISING! Now our fans are not only sending us fan art, but are subtly imbedding advertising for their own sites in the artwork. Okay, maybe not so subtly. Posted by Hello


UrbanMachine said...

cool! very geometric

Cyberhick said...

Thanks. I have loved drawing things geometric since I was about nine.

CandyRobot said...


That picture is very cute!!! ^___^

Um.... I'm about to find out how I can send my pictures...

tyde45 said...

CandyRobot! I always wanted to meet you! You have such good artwork!

Cyberhick said...

Glad you people like it! And does anybody get the "hive that's nuts about Jenny" joke or does everybody have a TiVo around here? lol.

R.Radna said...

CandyRobot, there was a post previously about how to submit fanart. Look at the archive for July under the post titled "SUBMIT YOUR ROBOGIRL."

CandyRobot said...

*blushes about Tyde45's comment*

Thank you! *^___^*

R.Radna said...

I just got it. It's from that cereal commercial with the bee, right?

Cyberhick said...

R.Radna, you are absolutely right. I made that up last January (when the commercial first aired) and I could barely walk laughing about my parody.

R.Radna said...

Aside from bees, ants and termites, I wonder if there are other insects that live in large colonies like that. I've always wondered exactly how that evolved, since it seems like its a pretty elaborate setup. It's really quite a fascinating question if you think about it.

Cyberhick said...

That reminds me of an MLAATR line. "They look like ants." "Frantic screaming ants." One thing that's always been fascinating to me in the world of MLAATR is that, although Tuck is really really annoying unlike his older brother, Brad and Tuck are obviously brothers. They, sometimes, say things similar to what they're brother would say, and even word these things the same. Well, sometimes.

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