Thursday, August 12, 2004

OUTTAKES! As in any show, some of the funniest bits on Teenage Robot end up on the cutting room floor. This was a gag from a storyboard we reviewed yesterday where Wakeman zips off her skin to reveal she is really Tuck in a princess outfit. Yes, it was from a dream sequence and I thought it was hilarious, but it didn't make the cut.  Posted by Hello


KerryJ said...

A gag with Mrs. Wakeman and Tuck didn't make it?! Dang, they're two of my favorite characters =D

R.Radna said...

I imagine this was not used for time reasons, since it is a very interesting and surreal idea.

This would have worked nicely in Jenny's initial dream sequence in "daydream believer," with that transformation happening shortly after the dance with Don Prima started and Jenny thinking "wha?" and things progressively getting stranger and stranger as the dream slowly metamorphoses into a nightmare. . . again, that would have taken more time and time is a premium.

Apart from that sequence in "daydream believer" I believe the only other actual dream we've seen Jenny have is the sequence in "tradeshow showdown" where she imagines hanging out with other robots before arriving at the trade show and finding that the robots are nothing like what she imagined (I don't count the other dream sequences in "daydream believer" as dreams since she was actually awake during those, but that's just my opinion.) There seems to be a strong degree of wish-fulfillment involved in these dreams. It will be interesting to see what happens in the episode that contains this other dream sequence you are describing.

tyde45 said...

I love the show and it is so cool that you post things like this! One question...I see a hand holding Mrs. Wakeman/Princess Tuck. Who's hand is that??

Birdman said...

Ah-Hyuck Ah-yuck!! this is funny/weird.

Cyberhick said...

XJWriter. Two questions for you:

Are you Alex Kirwan?

Have you seen my website? If you haven't, it's at

Cyberhick said...

I think that's Jenny's hand. (Or XJ8, lol)

XJWriter said...

I'm not Alex Kirwan, but I can see him from my office. I could probably hit him if I chucked a bagel at him from here. Is that good enough?

Cyberhick said...

Yep. Please visit my web site!

R.Radna said...

Practice makes perfect.

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DanMat6288 said...

LOL! You couldn't get away with this, yet you got away with Tuck wearing a dress and peaarl necklace in another episode?

"After six already?"