Thursday, September 23, 2004

MORE SCHOOL ART! - Sometimes after a tour, the kids will draw Jenny back at their school and send us something like this... a big splat with lots of interpretations of XJ9. You probably can't read what's written on it, but one kid wrote "I'm going to jump into the wall at 2:30 today" and another wrote "I'm going to bake a cake with the grossest thing on Earth." Kids! Posted by Hello


Chevelle said...

Cool, Thats neat to see children draw

R.Radna said...

I once had a dream where there was a Nickelodeon store, like they have disney stores, and the top of the front facade of the store was shaped and colored like one of those orange Nickelodeon splats and of course it said 'Nickelodeon.' That was pretty cool.

Anonymous said...

Times like this I wish was back in school so I can go on fieldtrips like this...


Kevin said...

What interesting pics of Jenny!

These kids have talent!

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