Tuesday, October 05, 2004

OUTTAKES YOU WON'T SEE ON TV! This is a scene from the last episode of Season Two. We start on a tight shot of Jenny who is worrying aloud that people are still seeing her as a machine and not as a person. After her moving speech we pull back to reveal her mother is using her as an electrical outlet to make coffee. It was a very funny bit but we ended up cutting it because it was too talky and most of the same ideas were already being expressed in another scene. But you, the loyal blog fans, get to see it anyway. Posted by Hello


UrbanMachine said...

lol! bits like that are what make the show so funny! thankee!

Cyberhick said...

You cut out the parts of the episode where Wakeman drinks coffee? No wonder she's so moody.

R.Radna said...

Great scene, and if this is what got cut I can't wait to see what was left in. This of course does under-cut Dr. Wakeman's brief statement at the beginning of "Pest Control" that Jenny should "treat her body with more respect." Of course, convenience can easily render anyone guilty of hypocrisy if they are not paying attention.

Birdman said...

Who cares about the outtakes!!! We just need some New MLAATR and I mean NOW!!!!

R.Radna said...

Well, in a perfect world Season II wouldn't have been delayed and would have been heavily promoted as well. But this is far from a perfect world. Not to mention that the publicity problem was cited as only one of the reasons for the decision to wait; there may be others, equally or more compelling. In any case, it's clearly out of everyone's hands here.

dreamer said...

I am very glad I logged onto the RoboBlog before I sent Nick a piece of my mind about Oct 1 and the lack of New Jenny!

It would have been a small piece as I don't have a lot to waste (nyuk, nyuk!)

Renewed for the third season before you even air one episode of the second one? That is a feat! Maybe winning the Emmy and having the millions of fans screaming for more Jenny finally had an effect.

My congratulations to one and all!

Now Janice and Candy will be so busy, they will never respond to my fan mail! (sniff!)

Ah well, I shall suffer with reruns until the Xmas Special and wait until January or whenever Nick gets it's act together for a new season.

Go Team!