Friday, October 08, 2004

PAR-TAY! Well, last night was the big Teenage Robot crew party. It was supposed to be the second season premiere party, but we all know how that turned out. So it quickly became the "Hooray for Third Season Pick-Up" party. Just about everyone was there, including several spouses, one child, and a normally quiet character designer who was hugging everyone and telling them he loved them. Oh, and three kinds of cheese.  Posted by Hello


XJones318 said...

And don't forget a big shout out to Marty and Elayne. Check out their newest album, "Jazz Favorites", on Enterprise Records. Good night, Los Feliz!

R.Radna said...

Wow, either that was an only slightly less crazy party than the one in "party machine," or they gave you someone else's film by mistake . . . lol.

Animatrixie said...

What a blast!!! I only wish I'd been able to get to the Dresden with the rest of you guys!....The child mentioned is my son, who was accidentally given a rum and coke to start the night off!!! Hilarity ensued... ;)

I only hope we can do something like this more often - It's healthy for a crew to have such love fests! We had just about everything but the guy with the lampshade on his head last night!...I suppose if we *did* have one, we'd know who he might have been.... ;)

I loved those little pickle-y things, though I'm not sure if they worked with crackers and strawberry jam! The mojitos were great, though!

Anonymous said...

Yay cheese!

Congrats. You deserve it.


R.Radna said...

I was thinking exactly the same thing- this is, in my opinion, the best television show. Period. Notice, I said show, not cartoon. I don't even care that season two got delayed; that means that this great show will be promoted the way it deserves to be. I hope everybody had a great time at the party, because, as has been already observed, you *absolutely* deserve it.