Monday, January 31, 2005

ANNIE AWARDS BLOWOUT! The mood in low in Mudville for Mighty Casey has struck out. Nominated for three presigious Annie Awards for excellence in animation, "Teenage Robot" was 0 for 3 at the end of last night's gala awards ceremony at the Alex Theater in Glendale. We were up for best animated series, but lost to a freakin' sponge!!! Can you believe it? Posted by Hello


Anonymous said...

First post.

Sorry to hear about your losses. Spongebob was probably chosen after the recent success of the movie. But a nomination for 'best animated program' is nothing to be sniffed at.


Anonymous said...

i don't have anything against the sponge or anything but GOD I'M ANNOYED OF THAT STUPID YELLOW THING WE CALL A SPONGE! yeah still its not fair for a super robotic saving robot to loose to a...sponge but i don't know about the rest of you out there but i'm fed up of hearing that retarded laugh and i despise the color yellow now...its so annoying! but anyways theres always next time and lets hope it won't loose to that stupid sponge but still congrates on getting that far
spongebob: *tied up* WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!
me: *holds a mallet* making sure you won't flip another patty...*raises mallet*
announcer: due to some violent scene the rest of this skit will be blocked blockblockblockblockblockblock....

Glen Bosiwang said...

Well, I don't really care if a great show is being nominated for several awards and win nothing at the end; either way, every show that gets nominated is a real winner! In that sense, no nominated cartoons are either winners nor losers, the makers of these shows are ought to be proud of their craftmanship, their dedication and all of their special skills to make a cartoon show like Teenage Robot work! Awards aren't anything; I've seen so many good movies and TV shows that fail to receive any of the most prestigious awards (Emmy, Oscar, Golden Globe, etc) but at least, the audience has frequently hailed them as the finest ever produced to grace the screens! As a result, makers of a particular show are highly respected and regarded for their excellence in whatever they, even if it isn't obvious at all.

Although I feel sorry for the crews of Teenage Robot for not winning any Annie for this year, at least you should be proud of what you have done to impress the viewers so that they will always support you till the end! So, I wish to say 'Congratulations' to you all of the crews of Teenage Robot because not even a single person among you is worthless! You are all worthy enough to receive 3 Annie Nominations! I'm so happy with you all!

- Glen!

nwakeman said...

GRRRRRRR! The only reason Spongebob won was because he's a little better known. If we could get more folks watching MLaaTR, it will mop up even MORE awards than Spongebob EVER has or will!

jon said...

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Anonymous said...

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user1234895 said...

Yeah, Teenage Robot with it's creative stylization and actually funny humor went over the kids' heads back in the day, and they voted up Spongebob instead. Now look what that got them. Over ten seasons of absolute filth.

Meanwhile, Panty and Stocking gets inspired party by this show but also fails to make more seasons, despite the people who actually watched it loving the heck out of it.

All these creative shows with quirky female leads and they choose to fund a sponge who's only character trait is laughing a lot. Seriously, the reason the characters in Teenage Robot feel real is because they have more than one dimension. I don't think the show should have gone on FOREVER, but it certainly deserved twice the number of seasons (similar to the length of Power Puff Girl's run: 6ish seasons). Now a days, look at Nick. Aside from Avatar, 90% of the characters in their shows have one defining trait they lazily base the character's personality traits off of. A lot of the animation can go off the rails and fail to realize what simple stylization and color theory can do for a show, ironically looking choppy and dull as animation technology improves.

Really, when you think about it, comparing Spongebob to Teenage Robot shouldn't even be fair because they're entirely different "flavors" right now, whereas one is continued in production to appeal to an audience for money, and the other is appealing to it's makers just for it's creative worth (AKA passion). Spongebob is a one dimensional show that devolved after the good writers left concluding season 3, and it's since just transformed into watching the same personalities do the same thing: Sandy likes science, Eugine likes money, Pearl likes shoes, Squidward is a normal guy, Patrick is a jerk, Bikini Bottom is a hazard, and Spongebob laughs a lot. That's it. No struggle between saving the world and your teenage life, no struggle between your teenage life and being a robot, no development between your mom and yourself going from just a machine to a daughter, no other characters that have superficial selfish tendencies to contrast their love for their friends (IE helping Jenny out), no teenage antics that show a sense of rebellion, no nothing.

I'd like to think Spongebob won because it was in it's prime when this nomination happened. The first three seasons came out, the movie came out, and up until then, Spongebob really wasn't a bad show. Still, the level of depth and inspiration from other shows (like astro boy and buffy the vampire slayer), visual stylization, and creative characters written in a way that made them feel very real in Teenage Robot went on to inspire plenty of other animated series. Teenage Robot is really nothing to scoff at; the level of dedication and work the team put into it is incredible. Here's to hoping they go on to make more works like this in the future.