Monday, January 31, 2005

ANNIE AWARDS BLOWOUT! The mood is low in Mudville for Mighty Casey has struck out. Nominated for three prestigious Annie Awards for excellence in animation, "Teenage Robot" was 0 for 3 at the end of last night's gala awards ceremony at the Alex Theater in Glendale. We were up for best animated series, but lost to a freakin' sponge!!! Can you believe it? Buoying our spirits is the amazing response we've gotten from all of you about the new shows that have just aired. Let's see if we can get a consensus: Of all ten new stories aired, which was your favorite?
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Kraken-x said...

well, that's a bad new, you deserve to win the highest prize, and for the other new, i live in mexico, so i haven't seen the new episodes, but i'm sure they rock

StaticH said...

lol, there's no reason to be bitter..true genius takes time to be realized ;)

and it's a toss up between "humiliation 101" and "around the world in 80 pieces"

H101: everything was on target with that episode, and i really liked the spontaneous duet...i had no idea chad doreck and janice kawaye could sing!

ATWI80P: i enjoyed the fact that all the main characters were was an epic adventure!

Anonymous said...

Spongebob has become corrupted by his own power!He must've bribed those judges with Krabby Patties! Curse him!

Kevin said...

I'm sorry you didn't win any award this year, but at least you've been nominated three times. That's still good enough for me. But still I think all of you deserve an award.
No matter what, "My Life As A Teenage Robot" will always be my favorite show.

I wish you all the best of luck next year.

CoyoteLoon said...

No shame at all in losing to "The Incredibles", guys. And I think the guys at Klasky-Cruspo (or Crapsky-Crusto, or whatever they're called) are using Spongebob profits to buy off the judges. Argh, stupid sponge.

Anyway, as to the new episodes, I'll chime in and say that my two favorites were probably "Future Shock" and "Dancing With My Shell". The pacing seems faster in the new episodes, the writing is snappier, and the voice acting and editing is top notch. Oh, and just go ahead and tell Candi Milo to make her reservations for next year's Annies. She is just knocking it out of the park as Mrs. Wakeman!

red2z said...

It is sad to hear about you not getting any awards. It just seems that the judges don't appreciate fast/quick witted comedy like the rest of us do. I personally believe that the judges were affected by their kids/grandkids choices.
All ten of the shows were good in their own way, and i find myself quoting some of the lines from the shows as i sit through my down time between college classes. They always manage to bring a smile to my face. But if i had to choose then I would say "Around the World in Eighty Pieces," along with the fantastic art and comedy, the the soundtrack for the episode was very catchy and I still have the music from when they are looking for Jenny's parts in my head.

Alex said...

Last Action: Very tense at the end. The bad guys were pretty scary and when they started to open Jenny's head and her facial reaction were great. The whole show was pretty funny too.

I liked Team Teens. The teens were interesting. "On Top of The Squirel, Ma!" made me larf like a loon.

Around The World in 80 Pieces was good for all the reasons people gave. Like all the episodes, the ending was really funny.

That award stuff is nonsense, but I heard some where people think the Annies are a sham. I second the notion that the woman who does the voice acting needs an award (as do the writers, animators, and directors).

Glen Bosiwang said...

Well, I don't really care if a great show is being nominated for several awards and win nothing at the end; either way, every show that gets nominated is a real winner! In that sense, no nominated cartoons are either winners nor losers, the makers of these shows are ought to be proud of their craftmanship, their dedication and all of their special skills to make a cartoon show like Teenage Robot work! Awards aren't anything; I've seen so many good movies and TV shows that fail to receive any of the most prestigious awards (Emmy, Oscar, Golden Globe, etc) but at least, the audience has frequently hailed them as the finest ever produced to grace the screens! As a result, makers of a particular show are highly respected and regarded for their excellence in whatever they, even if it isn't obvious at all.

Although I feel sorry for the crews of Teenage Robot for not winning any Annie for this year, at least you should be proud of what you have done to impress the viewers so that they will always support you till the end! So, I wish to say 'Congratulations' to you all of the crews of Teenage Robot because not even a single person among you is worthless! You are all worthy enough to receive 3 Annie Nominations! I'm so happy with you all!

As for the episodes recently aired, well, er, can't really tell but anyway, they are all darn good at least to say!

- Glen!

Anonymous said...

I am truly disappointed in the judges at the Annies this Year. Candi Milo is Overdue for an Award for her work. I am only Sorry That Janice was not nominated again this year also.

I was not counting, but three nominations is quite a feat in the animation field and given the competition from the Incredibles, you were in heady company.

MLaaTR is a wonderful show, with excellent writing, superb direction, animation, editing, and a wonderful cast. I doubt that any other animated show has such a loyal following of fans and supporters. Jenny is truly a sweetheart to kids of all ages.

As to the favorite of the new episodes, if I had to choose one, it would be "Dacning with my Shell" if only because, we get to see Jenny finally dress up and experience the joy of a teenager on a date. We get to see the ever-frustrated Sheldon strut his stuff as the ultra smooth alter ego the Shell, and even kick some biker butt.

New episodes do seem to have faster action, smoother dialog, and more special vocal features. Like singing, rapid speeches, greater range of emotion, and interaction. Bravo to the Voice Actors, the writers and the directors, as well as all who make this show the gem that it is.

I can hardly wait for action figures, DVDs, and autogrpahed pictures, among other things. Hats off to Bob Renzetti and all at Frederator.

Dusty aka the Blue Avenger

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