Monday, January 31, 2005

BIRD-BRAINED ANNIES MAKE FOR AN INCREDIBLE NIGHT! It was great to see the whole Teenage Robot crew at the awards show last night dressed in their finest rags, but the event itself seemed a little one-sided. Over and over again some guy called Batbird kept winning for a show or a movie called Indelibles. I haven't seen it, but it sure won a lot of awards.  Posted by Hello

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Glen Bosiwang said...

For good sake, that's Brad Bird who directs The Incredibles! He's one of the coolest animator who also directs some episodes of The Simpsons and my favorite, The Iron Giant! However, I feel the movie slightly disappointed but it is a great watch anyway. I highly recommend big fans of superheroes and action movies who has no idea of The Incredibles to watch it!

Oh, that doesn't mean Jenny is a lousy superhero, though. She's also equally as great as The Incredibles; all she needs is practice!

- Glen!