Thursday, January 13, 2005

TEENAGE ROBLOG TRIVIA!!!!!!! Okay, while I'm thrilled at the number of responses we got to our first trivia question, I obviously underestimated this crowd by making the question far too easy. Hopefully today's multi-part question will raise the bar a bit. In the episode "Grid Iron Glory," what number does Jenny wear on her football "uniform?" What numbers does Jenny call before the ball is hiked in the Week 2 game? What is the final score of the Championship game against Poly Tech? And for a bonus point, what is the name of the "Gator-Aid" style drink on the sidelines? Posted by Hello


Kevin said...

Here are my answers in order:
1. #9
2. 54, 92
4.Sport Quench

Kraken-x said...

Man!! this ones are hard, i think she has number 9 i dunno th numbers she call, i don't really know the final score but i think Tremorton won by 2 points ad definetly i forgot the name of that drink

Anonymous said...

This is a toughf one.... know Jenny was #9 and Brad was #4....*thnks* next time I see it I'll pay more attention ta detail....

~Kayla A.

tyde45 said...

My answers are the same as Kevin's. I pay really close attention to the show, and recognize a lot of background characters, such as the one that looks like Velma from Scooby Doo, and the one that looks exactly like me! "Jenny? Can I borrow a pencil?" lol

Cyberhick said...

Everyone, please don't overuse exclamation points.

Anonymous said...

Okay, I didn't look at the answers...
1. 9 (for XJ9)
2. I'm pretty sure it's 34, 92
3. I have to check on that one, I think it was Tremerton 20, Polytech 14
Bonus: What The Heck?!? I look at Jenny!

Anonymous said...

Okay, I checked the epidode, changing my answers...
1. Still 9
2. It was 54, 92! I can't believe I screwed up one of Jenny's lines! (Pulls hair and runs around screaming like an idiot)
3. Tremerton 14, Polytech 12
Still didn't notice the bonus :(

CDB said...

1. #9
2. 54, 32
3. I think it was 14, 12
4. Sport Quench

And since we're talking about football:
How 'bout dem Patriots:

Old Tiff pics from last years Super Bowl, the one that was here in Houston. You can see who I'm rooting for... again!

CDB said...

Oh.. both where done by another Texas native; ol' school himself: Herb Montes.

Anonymous said...

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