Wednesday, February 23, 2005

THE BRADINATOR PRESENTS: MORE TITLE TRIVIA!!! Here is a list of five unaired, second season episodes with their original titles: A Place of Her Own; Enter the Can; Play Misty With Me; Action Jenny; Comet Goddess. Can you match those original titles with the revised titles that will appear on the actual episodes??? Here are your choices: A Pain in My Sidekick; Toying with Jenny; Crash Pad Crash; Teen Idol; Teenage Mutant Ninja Troubles. Good luck! Posted by Hello


Andrew N.P. said...

I rocked matching tests in school. Let's see how's I do here.

Place of Her Own = Crash Pad Crash
Enter teh Can = T.M.N.T.
Play Misty With Me = Toying With Jenny
Action Jenny = Pain in My Sidekick
Comet Goddess = Teen Idol

Do I win?

hyper monkey said...

oh oh!! i'll take a guess! ok here i go:
a place of her own- pad crash pad
play misty with me- toying with jenny
comet goddess- teenage idol
enter the can- a pain in my sidekick
action jenny- teenage mutant ninja trouble
....ok i have no idea what i just did but oh well lol

XJWriter said...

Finally, a trivia question that stumped people. Andrew has two right and Hyper Monkey has three right. Any more guesses?

Kevin said...

Here are my answers:

A Place of Her Own=Crash Pad Crash
Enter the Can=Toying with Jenny
Play Misty With Me=A Pain in My Side Kick
Action Jenny=T.M.N.T.
Comet Goddess=Teenage Idol

Alright! What is my score XJWriter?

Anonymous said...

A Place of Her Own = Crash Pad Crash
Enter the Can = A Pain in My Sidekick
Play Misty With Me = Toying With Jenny
Action Jenny = Teenage Mutant Ninja Trouble
Comet Goddess = Teen Idol

Did I win a prize?

Signed, Z-Lady a.k.a. Zoe

tyde45 said...

Ooh! I love this!

A Place of her Own = Crash Pad Crash
Enter the Can = A Pain in my Sidekick
Play Misty with Me = Teenage Mutant Ninja Troubles
Action Jenny = Toying with Jenny
Comet Goddess (I liked that title...) = Teen Idol

((I chose Play Misty with Me because Misty was a Mutant Ninja. I hope she returns! I chose Enter the Can and a Pain in my Sidekick because I remember you saying that Enter the Can was about when Tuck gets super powers. Will he annoy Jenny? Lol. And I chose Action Jenny and Toying with Jenny because I remember you saying that there would be an episode where there would be Jenny merchandise, and Action Jenny sounds like an 'Action' Figure. Do I win?))

XJWriter said...

SPOILER: Don't read this if you don't want to know the answers. Kevin got 2 right, Zoe got 3 right, and yes, Tyde45 got them all right! Congrats!

Andrew N.P. said...

Oh well, I tried.
And failed.
Good job, Tyde!

But now that I know the names, I want these episodes more than ever. Dag nab it. Does anyone know the Korean word for "those guys better be working sixteen hour days over there?" ;-)

The Great One said...

Ah,the pain. I signed in too late!

Congrats to Tyde45! I would have guessed the same but that is moot.

Hey Guys, Rough Draft Studios os a very busy place! They are cranking out animation for several cartoons, and quite well, thank you! We can be grateful to them and all the staff of MLaaTR for a quality program that will hopfully be around for several years to come.

All Hail Frederator!

Jessie Winkler said...

Okay, I didn't look! I put yeas or no too, depending if I liked the change

Play Misty With Me = A Pain in My Sidekick (no preferance)
A Place of Her Own = Crash Pad Crash (no)
Action Jenny = Toying With Jenny (yes)
Commet Goddess = Teen Idol (no preferance)
Enter the Can = Teenage Mutant Ninja Troubles (yes)

Jessie Winkler said...

I got 3 right, best you can get without being perfect!

Yay! Another episode with Misty! Misty and XJ5 are my favorite incendentals

tyde45 said...

Okay, here is my SO FAR Teenage Robot Season TWO (Episodes that haven't aired list):

Victim of Fashion
Designing Women (What is that one about?)
Robot Wars
Kilgore (And what about that one?)
Crash Pad Crash
Armageddroid (and that one?)
Toying with Jenny
Pain in my Sidekick
Teenage Mutant Ninja Troubles (What about that one?)
Teen Idol (and that one...?)
Just a Regular Girl
Momma Drama

Sorry About all of the questions, I would've asked them all anyway, lol. I love episode titles! Thanx for all the congrats, lol: I SWEAR I DON'T WORK FOR MLaaTR!...I wish I did, but I don't...
I counted and there is one second season episode (15 minute one) that is missing....
Have any of those titles changed? If so, to what?
I hope all of the questions aren't killing Teenage Robot Season 3 Time!

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