Friday, February 11, 2005

TEEN ROBOT COMICS! MLaaTR fans are always asking about merchandise for the show, but Nick hasn't gotten on board yet. (Come on guys! A "Nora Wakeman: Skyway Patrol" calendar would sell through the roof!) But yesterday someone on the blog asked about comic books, and I do have some good news for you. Several of us here at MLaaTR are working with Nickelodeon magazine to create some short Teenage Robot comics in the magazine. I don't have any publishing dates yet, but as soon as I find out, I'll let you guys know.  Posted by Hello


Anonymous said...

Hey... it's November! That's my birthday month! ^_^ I'm special!! =P


Kevin said...

I can't wait for more MLAATR merchandise. I have already a signed MLAATR poster of Janice Kawaye, 2004 MLAATR Emmy DVD, and a MLAATR Sketchbook. I also can't wait to see the MLAATR comics on Nick Magazine.

Jessie Winkler said...

I have the Emmy DVD too!
I also have a T-shirt, a sweatshirt, a tote bag, a mug, 2 Teenage Robot ViedoNow disks, and two Nicktoon games with Jenny on them.
I figured out about the sketchbook after Christmas, I might get it with my Christmas money.

I was hoping you'd have Teenage Robot comics!

Anonymous said...

FINALY!!! I've been SO looking forward ta MLaaTR Comics!

~Kayla A.

I dream of Jenny said...

Where can I get that Calendar!
I would LOVE to have Nora Wakeman as my Miss November!

Just think, twelve months of Jenny to brighten my year.

Please let me know when the comics are coming so that I can subscribe.

A signed poster? WOW! I did not know the cast did autographs!

Anonymous said...

There is a calendar available from Frederator on cafepress, but its artwork from the opening of episodes, not Nora. Still really cool, though.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

-buys calander of "Nora wakeman:Sky Patrol"*
they gotta have an Eppi. of nora in her younger years.*stars in eyes*

crazy_ruler said...

hehe thats on my birthday!!!! only if it was Tuck...then that would be perfect!! but hey i like nora also shes cool hehe...espically in the new episodes she was in she loosened up a lot making her a lot more funnier...but she was always funny...but i still like tuck ^_^

Andrew N.P. said...

Holy Gosh! It's Dr. Nora, and she's a bad-a**! See, this is why you guys deserve the big buxx.

(On a side note, this blog is one of the coolest things ever. You guys... talking with your fans... like one big happy TV-land family. It's enough to make me do a dance.)

-- Andrew N.P.
The Powerpuff Hunter

Anonymous said...

What!! A MLAATR sketchbook!?!? How come it wasnt advertised. I'm off to oder it now.

In case anyone else missed it too:

NC60659 said...

I'd look forward to MLaaTR comics.

Sukapon-ta said...

Hello! I'm Japanese who lives in Japan.
Broadcasting MLaaTR started in January in Japan.
I'm fan of MLaaTR!
jenny is cute! XD

I will import and buy the Nick Magazine.
I want to read very much!!

I have already bought the sketchbook.

Glen Bosiwang said...

A calender featuring all the characters from MLAATR? That would be cool if some guys can manage to maintain the artistic quality as shown on this post featuring Mrs. Wakeman!

- Glen!

Anonymous said...

it pretty much covers **t-shirt** related stuff.

artman said...

@ o @ wow, is that nora wakeman? thats amazing.