Friday, March 11, 2005

ALEX KIRWAN FAN ART?!? Yes, here at Teenage Robot, we do our own fan art. Alex was here late last night, supposedly working, but instead he was drawing these quirky new interpretations of Brit and Tiff.  Posted by Hello


CoyoteLoon said...

All right! This link was broken a little earlier today, that's probably why there's been no comments.

Very cool alternate Crusts here! Tiff looks a little more thuggish, and Brit looks a little more stylish. Thanks for posting it! Nice to see that even the big cheese likes to doodle on the side now and then.

Cristina B said...

I tried to comment earlier to say how much I love this! It shows a fresh side of the characters, but it still looks like them!I enjoy drawing the cast of Teen Bot in my own style myself, and it's so cool to see that even the pros do it, too!

SteveLambe said...

Fantastic! A very different looking style than I would expect from the art director of the show.

When's Alex going to get a website so we can see more of his work? Big fan of his painting for the burning brush auctions..paticularly the scooby doo pieces.


Lychii said...

That's super cute! It's nice to see them being drawn in a diffrent style. I really like how Tiff looks. :3

kelly said...

This is very good Manga art. It is amazing fan art.


Andrew N.P. said...

(grumbles angrily about Blogger)

Whoa. This pic is tremendous! It definitely brings out the Crusts's's personalities, as Loon noted. Mr. Kirwan's style is very cool in its own way.

And the act itself of making fanart means that he loves the show as much as we do. Which is nice. :) Maybe we'll see him poking around the fan forums one of these days...

Glen Bosiwang said...

Pretty cool looking sketches! This is what the girls really look like when being seen in a 'real world'! I just wonder what Brad, Jenny and the rest look like in the eyes of Alex? Can't wait to see them!

(Blame the Blogger for some technical problems!)


CDB said...

Man, I could've be the frist to reply yesterday! But oh well!

As a Crust Cousin fan this is like the "Mona Lisa" of fanart. And Brit's got it going on!! :-D

The Great One said...

Alex, you have hidden talent that shown be shown more often!

Your take on Brit is very true to life.

Tiff is very true to her voice impression, (Thank you Cree Summer Francks!)

Of course, they look less like cousins, but then life is stranger than fiction!

As to previous comments, I would also like to see your "life like" rendtions of Brad, Tuck and Sheldon. I am not sure If I would want to see a "life-like version " of Jenny, however as some of her cuteness might not translate into RW rendering.

Hey, please prove me Wrong! Sharpen that pencil Mr K and go for it!

Kevin said...

So this is what you guys like to do during your spare time. I love to see more fan art from some of the other TR crew members!

Oh man, I can't stop thinking about Alex's fanart! It's too cool!

Anonymous said...

Wow, it looks kinda like a Chuck Jones cartoon. Way cool!

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