Tuesday, March 08, 2005

PIN THE PONYTAIL ON THE JENNY! When we party, we party hearty. Last night, our two newest P.A.'s, Kimberly and Amy, celebrated their own hiring with a cubicle warming party. Festivities included music listening, prize giving, and cupcake eating. They also helped keep the focus of the celebration squarely on themselves by asking every person who attended to bring them a charicature of Amy and Kimberly. Thanks ladies! Posted by Hello


hyper monkey said...

I WANNA JOIN THE PARTY!! I WANNA TAIL SOMEONES BUT-- i mean er...uh....yeah well anyways, hello and welcome Amy and Kimberly!!! ^^

Kevin said...

Pin The Poneytail On The Jenny? What will they think of next?

Anyway, it look like you guys love to party and are having a good time. It also looks like you guys have games you made up from TR. It sure looks like fun! I sure wish to be at one of your parties.

Well, have a good time(without me).

Matt said...

Congratulations on the expansion.

Got any positions coming up that would be suitable for a soon-to-be Digital Media graduate in the next 12 months? :p

Inolis said...

I´s so funny!!!I like this!!!

Jenny said...

I´m sister of "Inolis"the monster she Is on her "ROOM".

Inolis said...

Jenny she´s real name is "Amy PĂ©rez." She is soo XJ9 SHE say.

Anonymous said...

Hey, that reminds me, I had a Jenny Wakeman family birthday party last year! We had blue and white crepe paper (of course), a choclate cake with white icing (it had a Jenny decal on it), I showed people that quiz on nick.com (guess who I got! yep, Jenny!)

And we did pin the pigtails on Jenny too!

Do you think I should do one for the second season this year?

And we watch my favorite episode at the time, Grid Iron Glory!

My favorite episode now...
Gotta be Robot for All Seasons.
It was that kiss. I never thought you were going to do that!!!

Andrew N.P. said...

Music? Prizes? Cupcakes? W00T! It's always a happy occasion when more people join the MLTR team. ^_^

Now what's a P.A.? *looks it up* Ohhh. That. Oh well, I'm sure you guys treat your minions well. :)

Say, would you be able to post some of the caricatures from the party? It might be cool to see what your staffers look (sorta) like.

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