Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Recording Session!

Hey Roblog fans,
I sat in on a recording session yesterday to listen to the MLaaTR cast turn our words into comedy gold. It's really fun to watch them work as they make jokes between line readings and sometimes during line readings. Everyone there really liked the script, entitled "Tuckered Out" and the general concensus was that our Third Season stories have really been kicking butt. Woo-hoo!


Anonymous said...

It must be fun watching the voice actors read your own script, and hear your words 'brought to life', as it were.
I thnik many of the fans would enjoy a "bloper reel" tpye episode, showcasing some of the screw-ups and flubs of recording an episode.
A Question: Does your script follow the "1 page=1 minute" rule? (IE, one page of script equals one minute of cartoon.)


The Great One said...

Please send my regards to those wonderful people.
Especially Ms Kawaye, who give the personality and "Soul" to Jenny.

Glen Bosiwang said...

That explains your absence within the blog for the last two days (or less)! I was almost worried that something awful may befall such an awesome writer! Good thing that you were out just for the recording sessions! Phew!

Anyway, send my regards to the fellow voice actors who have done a decent job in bringing much personalities to these bright cartoon characters! (By the way, I also a dream of becoming a voice actor some day!)

- Glen!

Inolis said...

What I dont understand!

Kevin said...

I bet it's fun to watch the voice actors of MLAATR. I would like to watch them act out the voices to see how well they do and some bloopers on how they messed up. I would probably like to do a voice over on a character myself. I hope to meet everyone who works at Frederator Inc. one day and tell how "well of a job" they did to make a show that makes all the people happy and cheerful.

I can't wait to see the rest of season two! I'm so anxious!

Anonymous said...

Yes, the voice actors are the best you can get! Could you post your favorite quote from that episode so we can look for it? You know what would be really cool? An internet viedo clip! Like the voice actor on one side and the animatede character on the other!

George said...

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