Tuesday, April 12, 2005

FAN ART! CDB2 created this dynamic interpretation of Vexus and a character called Grievous. Posted by Hello


Z-Lady said...

Kewl! Once again, kudos to my friend CBD, with the help of an artist!

Oh, and to Andrew N.P... sorry for stretching out our messages like that yesterday. I didn't realize it until I viewed the comments, including mine. D'oh!

Inolis said...

An avance vexus is that so real(*)(I do to)

Anonymous said...

But ...but...I love vexus!

Anonymous said...

But ...but...I love vexus!

Cyclone_X said...

great work on Vexus, I really like how she turned out :)

Anonymous said...

I've seen this pic before, nice job!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I just noticed, this is the 3rd fanart in a row!

Rynan said...

What? Has the Cluster formed some sinister alliance with the Confederacy of Independent Systems and their sizable droid army? Woe be to Jenny and all the Jedi if this information proves true.

Glen Bosiwang said...

Wicked! (I'm speechless when I bow in front of two of these most...er...horrifying...er....terrifying... foes in this good ol' universe! Who should I call for help? JEDI KNIGHTS! No, wait, XJ9! Uhhh, can't make out my mind! Perhaps it's best I run for my life!)

- Glen!

CDB said...

Once again, thank you XJ-Writer! This was a collab pic with Snafu Dave:) He put Vexus in his style yet based of an anime version, and he did General Grievous from scratch!

Anonymous said...

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