Monday, April 25, 2005

NOW YOU CAN ANIMATE RAZINSKY! Admit it. As fans of MLaaTR, your most enduring dream is to be able to animate the Vice Principal so he can say whatever YOU want him to! Well now your dream has become a reality! Using these eight simple mouth positions, you can force Vice Principal Razinsky to do your bidding and mouth your extremist propaganda and knock-knock jokes to your heart's content. Enjoy!  Posted by Hello


Anonymous said...

Wow, this's from an half-hour episode of the 3rd season, right?

"Razinsky?" I thought the official spelling is "Razinski" ending with an "i."

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The Great One said...

I can think of many things I would like to do with Razinsky, but operating his mouth is not high on my list.

I shall list my choices as this is a family blog.

Of course, one must have a foil for comedy to succeed and succeed it does! He gives civil servants a bad name.

Pray, keep up the good work and best wishes on your fourth season.

Glen Bosiwang said...

Hail, Principal Razinsky! (or is it Razinski? I wonder if this is also the same person who has served as Dexter's teacher in Dex's Lab?) Problem is, how do I make him speak in front of my friends? I don't even sound like Razinski and flipping papers won't help either! Sticking his just face and speak like some loony who doesn't feel like going to the toilet and is willing to stand like a robot is just plain bizarre! Gee, I must be in the Whimsical World of Willy...

- Glen!

crashfourit said...

Did any body notice the similarities between 'Razinsky' and 'Renzetti'?

CandyRobot said...


Maaan.... I'd rather make Sheldon talk, walk, kiss, hug, fall down and do cute things... Teehee....

Nah... I mean... I don't like this character because he isn't nice!

Sheldon's MUCH cuter!!! ^_^