Thursday, April 21, 2005

this is an audio post - click to play


Inolis said...

Haha audio coment!

Inolis said... is a music of Hi Hi Puffy Ami and Yumi!

Inolis said...

Level Atlantis in the game World Tour!!Of Hi Hi Puffy A mi Yumi!

Glen Bosiwang said...

Nice to hear Rob's commentary (that's the first time I hear his voice)! I think I understand Rob's intention to choose TR instead of Mina (I guess a vampire story sounds a bit pale in comparison to the robot plot, methinks!)

- Glen!

dreamerx said...


It makes one doubly sorry that reruns of "Oh Yeah Cartoons" are not available. It would have been cool to see the plot for "Mina and the Count"

Speaking of such, is it possible for those of us who could not attend ASIFA to get some idea of where Rob got the inspiration for Jenny?