Monday, May 09, 2005

NICKELODEON GRAND PRIX! Friday was the annual Nickelodeon Grand Prix. Nick creates teams from all the Nick show crews, combining two shows onto each team. (We were with SpongeBob this year). Each team creates their own custom-built remote control car and then races them across a specially designed course.  Posted by Hello


Anonymous said...

Great job guys on winning the trophy!
From looking at the posts, it seems that the execs don't really let you guys out of the office that often!
What were the other teams in the race?
The real reason you guys won the race: Jenny's pigtails are areodynamic, perfect for steerig around those tight curves!


Kevin said...

I wish I could see it in action!

orcafan said...

What were the other teams?

XJWriter said...

The other teams included: Danny Phantom with Fairly Odd Parents; Go Diego Go with Avatar; Post-Production; and Everybody Else.

Anonymous said...

Hey, XJWriter, since you're one of the writers of the show, how long does it take you to finish writing up a script for a 22-minute episode?
I'm writing one myself, and I am planning on sending it in with all of the correct release forms so that you can review it.
How do you feel about episode that cross over with other show?
My script will have Teenage Robot cross over with---Oops! Can't tell you, it's a secret!


XJWriter said...

Whoops. Forgot the X's/Catscratch team.

XJWriter said...

Here's some free advice about writing for a show! #1) Never write for the show that you want to submit to. I know it sounds strange, but most shows won't read spec scripts of their own show. We'd rather read a Danny Phantom or a Teen Titans or something. That way there's no danger of lawsuit and there's no danger of us saying "This guy doesn't know Jenny as well as we do." For the record, we don't write full scripts on MLaaTR, only outlines. Then the storyboard artists flesh it out, and we make changes after that.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info, XJWriter!
I'm now revising my story. It's going to be a huge crossover with seven shows. They are:
The Powerpuff Girls
Ed, Edd, n Eddy
Pokemon Advanced Generation
My Life as a Teenage Robot
All Grown Up!
Danny Phantom
Fairly Oddparents
and, our own reality.
It's going to have my own original characters, as well as the characters that appear in the shows.
Get ready, for in a couple of weeks, you'll be reading:
"The Dawn of the Age of Omnios"


dreamer said...

I saw the previous winner. It was aDORAble with fully independent Jenny suspension.

A great use of her transforming talents!

The Great One said...

Interesting idea about submitting a screen script idea. Where do you get those release forms anyway?

I have some modification ideas, rather than a script or story line
that would add to Jenny's already prodigous powers.

Please advise.


Anonymous said...

To Dusty, I sent in a portfolio to Nickleodeon Animation studios, they sent it back with a form I could sign, and return it to them. I suggest contacting the Nickleodeon Animation Studios in Burbank California for a release form.


Glen Bosiwang said...

Great! I too love to do the script stuff! (But considering that I am in another part of the world, is it even possible to do whatever you wish for? Fate has always been cruell for me...)

- Glen!

Glen Bosiwang said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Was it in T.V.?

superhero_in_training said...

Hi! omg I need serious help! I have this idea for a show, (I'm gonna try to post a website on her)except there are two problems: #1 I don't have a clue what the proper script format is... the best I've been able to get is this book for sitcom script writing. #2 I have no idea how to get my character even LOOKED at by the peps at Nickelodeon. AUGH! PLEASE! I'M A WRITER IN DESPERATE NEED OF ASSISTANCE!
*suddenly looks at the other comments* wait a second... you write for shows? eep! *eyes get all big and shiny* how do you do it? how did you get started? kay i think I've made this long enough, please if you have time help me out!

superhero_in_training said...

hi, me again... is there some sort of program you people use on the computer to make you fan art look so good?? I myself am working on some pictures and all i have to use is this program called paint :P if anyone can tell me anything please do! thx :D

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