Tuesday, June 14, 2005

COLORING CHAMPION! May I present the winning entry of the "Color Tuck's Naked Butt" Contest! Long time blog fan Candy Robot submitted this rosy-cheeked Tuck and surprised Jenny in a word balloon... although I'm not sure who is saying the word balloon. I'm just glad the word balloon arrow is pointing away from Tuck's behind.  Posted by Hello


Kevin said...

Hilarious! Very Hilarious!

The Great One said...

My compliments to "candy robot" for her, er, 'artistic' skills.

That whoops ballon is even better!
never seen that expression on Jenny's face before!

You Go Girl!

CandyRobot said...


Thanks bunches! ^______^

Heehee! *soooo happy right now*

The word baloon belongs to Jenny! That's why I put her in it! XD


Anonymous said...

Great coloring. The word ballon really tops it off.

Glen Bosiwang said...

Oh, I guess this contest's for real. (Slapping my face) Anyway, nothing really tops the hilarity that is this picture! (Gives an applause to Candy Robot!)

Give us another shot in another contest, yes?

- Glen!

Anonymous said...

Jenny is saing the word bubble!

Anonymous said...

Off topic, but quite seriously, I have a good question.
How do we, the Jenny loving public, affect the nominations for the Annies for 2006?

I know the parent organization is open for membership to ALL! Let's have a membership drive and nominate Janice and Candy, maybe Chad and Audrey also!

It couldn't hurt!

Anonymous said...

well,when will we see Tuck get Spank!