Monday, June 20, 2005

FAN ART!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Daniel Egan, a self-professed big fan of the show, sent in this picture of one of my favorite villains, Himcules.
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Rynan said...

It looks like Himcules got sun burnt from robbing all those banks, a defenate weakness if ever encounters XJ-9.

Anonymous said...

Very good!

The Great One said...

A well done drawing. One of the better villians. I expect we will see more of him in season 3, if Bruce Campbell can be peruaded to VA again.

I always thought he would be good as one of the five villians who get together for the Leaque of Doom
(An idea one of you writers had a couple of months ago)

Carry on

My VCR is primed and ready for June 23rd.

Glen Bosiwang said...

Great artwork for a kid like Daniel (I wonder how old he is since it almost looks like a child's doddle, he could be a great artist one day)! Anyway, Himcules must be so lucky that he's the Greatest Dad Ever Lived On Tremorton (ok, he doesn't have a kid but it almost makes sense!)! Happy Father's Day, Himcules!

- Glen!

Anonymous said...

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