Wednesday, June 29, 2005

FAN ART! Glen Wang is the culprit this time, mixing shows and genres to create a female force to be reckoned with.  Posted by Hello


nwakeman said...

Oooooooo! Cross Network fanart. COOOOL!!!!!! =D

orcafan said...

AWESOME! DA ORANGE! I liek orange.

The Great One said...

I like it!

Frankie from Foster's with Flame throwing capability! Suoer Dee Dee
the PP Girls and of course, XJ9.

The baddies don't stand a chance!

Say, this guy is Good! Maybe you should plan to offer him a scholarship or something!

Kevin said...

Wow! Those girls rock!

Glen Bosiwang said...

AHHHHHH!!! I've sent two versions of this awesome pic (and one has been chosen! Darn, I thought Teenage Roblog won't show the first version, as seen on this post! Arrghh! ARRRGHHH!! Should have waited for a few days! *Feeling embarrassed*)

Anyway, thanks everyone for your support, including the ever-praising Great One since day one! Say, Great One, since your job is to admire artistic work, why not give it a try? We'd love to see your very own fan art!

- Glen!

Inolis said...

A real V-watch!!!Like Viewtiful Joe put this is jennymania cool foster´s,dee dee,power puff..Cooooooooolll

Inolis said...

Cool franki of foster,PP Girls Dee Dee and XJ9 a super club.

Anonymous said...

Frankie! That's her name. Great Job Glen!

I'm trying to make new fanart, but I procrastinate ;)

Anonymous said...

Frankie doesn't need to have a power, she gives one hard punch!

Glen Bosiwang said...

To the Anonymous Guy Before Me,

Nope, Frankie doesn't necessarily need some superpowers but it's cool to depict an ordinary cartoon character with ridiculous additions! Frank almost resembles to X-Men's Jubilee (the outfit, hot babe with an attitude!) so that almost makes sense to me!

Thanks for the responses, everyone!

- Glen!

A-Log said...

Very nice artwork. Ever since an anti-drug special in 1990, animated cross-overs always work. Great job!

A-Log said...

One of the best cross-over pics any one has seen or drawn. This proves that, since an animated anti-drug special from 1990, animated cross-overs will always work. Great job Glen!

Anthony "A-Log" LoGatto

Anonymous said...

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