Wednesday, June 22, 2005

SPOT THE DIFFERENCES! Each season, art director extrordinaire Alex Kirwan decides to polish the character design a little. Can you spot the subtle differences between the old Brad from first season (on the left) and the new Brad from second season? Posted by Hello


Anonymous said...

Hello, I just graduated from high school in Burbank, I noticed on the mtv website, that Teenage Robot is looking for another character designer to work on your super cool show, what is Awesome Alex looking for in a new person to work on the show, i'm sorry to bug you, but i totally dont have anyone else to ask, keep writting the radist show on tv, and thanks for your help XJ!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

1. Spikier Hair
2. Eyebrows at a different level on the eyes
3. Nose longer
4. Mouth longer
5. Face and neck shorter
6. Shirt fold shorter
7. Left arm thinner
8. Right arm thicker
9. Sleeve curls larger
10. Pupils flipped to the other side of the eyes
11. Left side of thing on pants larger
12. Right side of thing on pants smaller
13. Legs stiffer
14. Bottom of pants larger
15. Feet stiffer

Anonymous said...

wow, all those differences, yet he is still able to pull of his suave, devil-may-care attitude....what a champ

also, the first comment made me wonder, what does the typical resume look like for a character designer or writer on the TR staff? or for the animation industry in general?

Anonymous said...

Oh, and the main part of the shirt is shorter.

Anonymous said...

let's see all the angles are more exaggerated, his eyes are a different shape , he's about half a ahead shorter, his hair is just straight lines now, more straignt lines in general, his torso is shorter,bigger nose, he's got a palm, his shirt hangs out more and is more uneven, i hope MLAATR isnt going to get a redesign like "Mina" did.

The Great One said...

I would agree with:
2, 5, 8, 11 (that's a shirt tail )
and maybe 14. I would add that his cuffs are largre and his hands seem to be more defined.

But that's IMHO

Other changes are:

He drives a car
More active with Jenny on adventures
more daring and mature

Anonymous said...

My sis is graduating, I'm kinda jealous, I mean, my birthday was LAST Friday!

A majority, he's spiker

Glen Bosiwang said...

Dang, someone has spotted the differences earlier than me but that's ok cause I'm not gonna read their comments anyway for now, so let my own eyes see Brad's major differences between the two seasons:

1) Pose: he seems straight (season 1) but later re-adjust his position just to look cooler (season 2)

2) Collars on both neck, leg and waist

3) His shoes

4) Body in season 2 is shorter than in season 1 (noted the shirt he wears)

5) His nose in season 2 is slightly longer

6) His hairstyle (season 2) is sharper and funkier

7) His face seems slightly bigger and squishy compared to season 1's appearance

8) His thumb

9) The position of his hands

10) The position of his left arms

11) His right arm (season 2) seems thinner compared to the other one

12) The position of the white shirt
which he doesn't tuck in

13) His eyes (both the position and shape)

14) His left hands

15) The eyebrows

16) The position of eyes, nose and mouth are slightly altered

17) His neck (season 1 seems a bit bigger)

18) Overall, Season 1 looks slimmer while season 2 seems smaller

19) His ego

Well, that's that, I guess!

- Glen!

Anonymous said...

hey, XJ, whatda ya say!!!!

Anonymous said...

he still stands like kirwan.
-jeaux janovsky

Anonymous said...

and don't forget the great one , he acts - how can i say this in a positive way - more unique ( in a wierd way )

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