Thursday, July 07, 2005

MLAATR HITZ! Right on the heels of the Nick Picks DVD comes this Teenage Robot Hitz CD with all the greatest songs of Teenage Robot. Unfortunately it's just fan art, but it could happen! Posted by Picasa


Dragonrider1227 said...


Glen Bosiwang said...

TR Songs? I've never heard any of the songs made for the show (aside from the main theme and bits of cool techno music) unless someone proposes to follow the anime trend!

And who's really behind the pic that glorifies the TR band? It's really rainbow to my eyes!

- Glen!

XJKenny said...

I am not sure how to answer this, but when I draw this art work, I just draw Jenny & Co. perform their band on an automatic disco light type of stage.

Anonymous said...


Rynan said...

I see Tuck's the lame man on the trumpet. He could have been an extra guitar, heck even play the keybord, but no, he wanted to follow his dream. I assure myself that once the band goes mainstream, he's gonna be dropped faster than a hot pan.

The Great One said...

This has options!

Janice is a very good singer, so why not have her tape a few licks as Jenny?

I'd buy it!

Anonymous said...

I had one dream where I was listening to a MLAATR album on a discman.

Songs include:
The MLAATR theme by Jennifer Karr
The closing credits
Up Up Up
Mr. Roboto by Styx
A MLAATR song by Weird Al Yankovic that made fun of "867-5309"
and a whole lot of background music from the show as bonus tracks

Anonymous said...

how about miki momo?

Raven said...

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Anonymous said...

I would love to make music for this, i've always liked the music on the show and always wanted to write some electro tunes for it. i have my own studio to do it with