Thursday, July 14, 2005

MORE ON WAKEMAN'S HEAD! Yes, there's always a lot on Wakeman's mind, but who knew there was so much info on Wakeman's head... drawing it, that is.  Posted by Picasa


nwakeman said...

Thanks! This is a real treat for me!

Ace said...

The glasses detail I can get into. But I never knew the space between Nora's eyes and nose was so important.
Thank you again.

nwakeman said...

I've seen that. Whenever I used to try to draw Wakeman, one of three things would happen:
1. Nose too big
2.Pupils way too small
3. Hair WAY out of proportion.
Wakeman is the most challenging to draw by far.Thanks, guys. You created some really good characters.

Kevin said...

Thanks for the info! It really helps me draw the character's more exact.

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