Wednesday, July 13, 2005

YO MOMMA! Learn to draw XJ9's inventor and mother, Noreen "Nora" Wakeman. It's fun, easy, and popular at parties! Posted by Picasa


Z-Lady said...

*applause* I've been waiting to find out how to draw Mrs. Wakeman! She must be in a good mood today, huh?

Anonymous said...

nwakeman will love this! Thanks!

nwakeman said...

You're right Jessie! I can draw her alright, but most of the time it looks like she's truly insane. WOOOOHOOOOO! I'm a science nerd and I act more mature for my age. So, Mrs. Wakeman is the one I can most relate to.

Glen Bosiwang said...

Woohooo! Now, everyone can draw Dr. Wakeman's face with the helpful guide of this interesting pic (wonder what happens to the rest, e.g. her body? Some may want to look forward to that soon...)

- Glen!

Ace said...

Ah, many thanks to you, XJWriter!
I've been waiting for more samples from the Model Pack.

Say, how about some samples of Smytus or Krackus for the next one, hmm? That would be most interesting and useful.

Dragonrider1227 said...

I can't help but question Wakeman's mothering skills. I mean, when the first 8 versions didn't go as planned, she just shut them down and threw them in the basement. In the first episode, we see her house covered in robot parts. That's like raising a child in a room full of severed bodies! And do we even need to discuss those googly eyes she made Jenny wear?

Amanda said...

It is so cool how they show you how to draw Dr. Wakeman.


nwakeman said...

Say, if you could post some vexus how to guides, please. That would be awesome.

Amanda said...

Oh they show how to draw the other characters that would be cool.


The Great One said...


Her head shape has a lot in common with XR from "Buzz Lightyear of Star Command"


Do we ever see her without her Red Glasses?

Thanks for the design assist, but I still can't draw flies.

nwakeman said...

That would be curious.

Kevin said...

It's so easy, it makes me feel like I'm a professional animator!

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