Thursday, August 11, 2005

CRAZY CLUSTER COLORS!!! For the few people in the universe who have already seen "Escape from Cluster Prime," one of the things they love is the amazing color work by Leticia and Chris. Each scene and location has its own distinct palette and depending on the lighting and the mood, Jenny herself takes on different hues. And you guys thought she was blue!!! Posted by Picasa


Amanda said...

Jenny looks really cool with those different colors.


Anonymous said...

Didn't you already talk about this during the season two episodes?

SHOOT SHOOT SHOOT! I STILL haven't seen it yet. Only 1 MORE DAY!!!

I saw a new comercial and in it was... ...Brad covered in butter?!? I guess we'll have to wait to see what that's about!

nwakeman said...

What, Jessie? I watch nick all the time but I haven't seen that commercial yet. I'll keep my eyes open, though.

XJKenny said...

wooo, Jenny in different exotic and beautiful colors, makes me want to collect them all, haha.

Glen Bosiwang said...

Well, I never say she is blue, since everytime she comes to a certain place, depending on the environment, the colors of her body changes as she is a chameleon! That's definitely one of the show's most unique features!

- Glen!

Amanda said...

I saw the trailer where Brad was covered in butter. Also about Jenny changing color's I saw her change color from her normal blue, to pink in the "DANCING WITH MY SHELL" segment.


The Great One said...

The subtle and sometimes not so subtle color changes for Jenny are only part of the fine detail work that mark MLaaTR as one of the better produced animation shows on TV.

Might I add, her constant changes of expression, her vocal changes, body language, still keeping her fresh as a teenage angst-driven girl are all aspects that make this show a pearl among rocks

Adrian said...

Jenny Looks Cute!I saved that as my Backround

Anonymous said...

Hello i have see Jenny in very few episodes changing in different episodes

I also take some little shots online
in this blog and i designed a supercolored-hip hop Jenny if any knows were i can post fan art online let me know in this blog.

I ALSO want to see an episode with
jenny singing hip hop and wearing another outfit I also noted that sam from Danny phantom use the same outfit only in a different style except for the large pants if you can add large pants to jenny's outfit and a little amulet

THANks an iluminatis member