Friday, August 05, 2005

JENNY WILL BE ON YOUR TV ONE DAY SOONER!!!! Once again Nick execs have thrown us a curveball at the 11th hour, but in a good way. "Escape from Cluster Prime" will air one day SOONER! Friday, August 12th at 9pm is the premiere! It will repeat Saturday, August 13th at 8pm and Sunday, August 14th at 4pm. Gentlemen, start your engines!
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Z-Lady said...

HALLEJUAH! My family's leaving on Saturday, August 13 and I was worried I might miss the special, but...thank you guys! There is God, after all ^__^

nwakeman said...


Kevin said...

I'll be ready, just you wait. I will not miss the first day that it premieres. Come on clock let's get a move on!

Ace said...

If I could just borrow one of Jenny's satellite dishes, I would be able to catch the premiere as well. Maybe if I asked nicely...

Dragonrider1227 said...

YAAAAAYYY!! :):):):):):)

Amanda said...

I am not going to miss the premier of the special.


Anonymous said...

Good news: I will be home that day when I would be on vacation, that's a relief!
Bad news: TIVO probaly won't end up taping it for me (season pass!) and I have to update my webpage, guild and EVERYTHING about the new date.

Oh, notice on TurboNick the sneek preview says 13TH?!? Once again, is trying to pull us over! I will demand them to change the date on the clip! Make sure to get on the board there and tell people about the new date!

Anonymous said...

hey Jessie Winkler, can you post up the link to see the sneak preview? it doesn't work for me :( thanks if you can or not, don't have to

Inolis said...


Amanda said...

I am probably going to watch the trailer for the special when it comes on NICK.


Anonymous said...

Thank Lord! I'm going to a firework show on saturday and i was upset that i wouldn't see it , but now i can cause its gonna be on friday ! I also saw the preview . Compared to what i saw , you guys an A++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ to me!

Amanda said...

I had a feeling the sneak preview was going to be good.


Glen Bosiwang said...


Nuff said.

P.S. I've just returned from my convocation today.

- Glen!

Adrian said...

Well glen Re dizign it(NOooo!)on summer My bed time is 11:00 And After It's 1 hour!

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