Wednesday, August 17, 2005

SNACK ON THIS!!! In the past we've featured non-MLaaTR artwork by Seonna, Alex, and others to show that we are artistic beings even beyond the walls of Nickelodeon. But not all art is pretty. Kimberley, a vital member of our production staff, is a writer/performer in a comedy troupe that is staging a new live show called, oddly enough, "Corntato!" It will be in San Fran next month and L.A. in October. You can get more info at, but BE WARNED. The site and its links may contain content and language not appropriate for all ages and is in no way condoned, approved, or sanctioned by Nickelodeon, Viacom, MLaaTR, Rob Renzetti, MTV, Frederated, or the Society for Inbred Monkeys.  Posted by Picasa


Andrew N.P. said...

Whoa-ho. Definitely not for the kiddies. But definitely for me. Genetic engineering? Swear words? Scathing satire? The very words "scathing satire"? I love it all!

Best of luck to Kim and her CornTato. It's too bad I'm on the wrong side of the country to check it out. I'll just have to give her my moral support... and maybe, like, FedEx some fried chicken her way or something.

Jessie Winkler said...

Will this be any way like South Park?

Glen Bosiwang said...

Hmmm, I'm not really surprised to hear that since we are all meant to explore the real meaning of art in our own interpretations (e.g. Steven Spielberg and Tim Burton who often make children shows also tend to create shows for the adults). Perhaps next time, I'll love to see how each of the crews create their own adult stuff in the near future!

Long live freedom of speech!

- Glen!

Amanda said...

Good luck to Kim.