Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Art Show!

Nickelodeon will be hosting an art show for Teenage Robot's exemplary artists, ColorStylist, Leticia Lacy and Lead Background Designer, Joseph Holt this Friday. As you can see by their invitation, these two are boundlessly imaginative artists. Come and share the wine and hors d' oeuvres as you peruse the works of two of Nickelodeon's most valued painters.


Anonymous said...

Will this be online or a "virtual" tour from beautiful California?

As an aside, Let me take this opportunity to express Kudos and High Praise for the Tour de Force work of both Janice and Audrey in
"Robot Riot" today on Nick.

They both deserve Annie nominations for that performance!

Anonymous said...


XJKenny said...

It is very nice and interesting to see artist showing their works made in all sorts of perspective, imaginative and creative ways. Cool--!!!

Glen Bosiwang said...

Wicked! Love to see 'em, especially if Nick sets up the online version!

- Glen!

Anonymous said...

Does Mr. Holt have a website, I want to chat with him!

Anonymous said...

I know Janice and Audrey deserve to win an award, especially for the segment "ROBOT RIOT", which I saw yesterday.


Anonymous said...

THis is in reference to the Thursday show "Bradventure"

Who was that Lady, er Android?


Methinks Jenny may have competition or maybe a friend in arms for season 3

Stay tuned!

Anonymous said...

Hey, wasn't one of the season 3 pitches for an episode called "No Harmony with Melody"? (Or something like that.)


Go Brad!

Anonymous said...

It's about time they brought someone in for Brad, I mean, somebody that doesn't work for him! Jenny has a super-obssessive crusher. So why shouldn't Brad have his own romance troubles!

Anonymous said...

I think Melody will probably show up in the 3rd season.


Jeaux Janovsky said...

i was actually there for the opening, kinda by accident, so i guess it turned out to be a happy accident. great artwork you guys! very cool stuff. i also got a chance to run into alex k., art director extraordinaire, and chat with him for a bit. it was great seeing him, and the fine art as well.
keep on rocking,
-jeaux janovsky

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wow, their art is AMAZING!!!

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