Wednesday, September 28, 2005

More more more!

This action shot is great! Thanks for sending in your artwork!


Anonymous said...
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XJKenny said...

Whoa--, XJWriter is back--!!. Are you on vacation this past few days?

Anonymous said...

awesome ninja picture. I love it!

Anonymous said...

As so do I.


Anonymous said...

Hah, that's cute XJKenny!

XJKenny said...

Thanks a lot, jessie winkler, Glad you like it.

Anonymous said...

Hmm very nice ^^

hey xjkenny have 1 little error

Jenny's name is wrong

its not ジェンニ

is ジェニー

but, yhie fan art is very good ^^

XJKenny said...

Thanks for pointing out my mistake, since this is the first time I use japanese words for their names. So next time I won't try to repeat the mistake again. Thanks.