Friday, September 02, 2005


It's great to see your enthusiasm for nominating the MLaaTR voice talent. I try to sit in on a few minutes of the recording sessions each week and they are a very talented group of actors. Often they do several voices for each show and its amazing how they can change their voices to fit the character, emotion, and changing directions from Rob. The picture above is from last year, but I've always liked it. Seeing Jenny 40 feet high is pretty cool.


Jessie Winkler said...

YAY! Mrs. Wakeman and Jenny! Break a leg Janice!!!

Chris Eliopoulos said...

I'd pack my bags and leave everything to work on this show. Even if it was too get everyone coffee and clean the windows! :)

Kevin said...

It is pretty awesome how actors can change their voice to fit in with the characters. I sure wish to see a recording session of Teenage Robot and see each actor/actress do voice-overs of their characters. I wish they could show that on TurboNick.

To all actors/actresses of Teenage Robot, great job and keep at it with the voice-overs!

By the way who's that shadow figure next to the screen?

nwakeman said...

I want Candi(for an Annie award winner!)Go Candi Milo!

Glen Bosiwang said...

Yep, it's pretty amazing to do these stuff, especially when you watch lots of cartoon shows and imitating their voices as your practice field! But hitting the right notes can prove to be neck braeking! I think someone could build a 40 feet Jenny to replace the Christmas tree any year from now on!

- Glen!

XJKenny said...

great cartoons becomes great not just the artist drawing the cartoon but also with the combination and supporting talented voice actors furthermore looking and doing voice acting for a cartoon is not easy as it seems, that what makes a cartoon stands out nice and excellent.And I really enjoy and the hard work of talented voice actors in MLAATR. Wooo-Keep it up, yeah---!!!

wakeman's_assitant said...

Chris Eliopoylos ,

I would too , but i'm too young to work . But i can act ! I could do a girl villian ( or any part in an episode)

Candi Milo rocks ! She's awsome! Go Candi Milo ! Go Candi Milo !
Giimmie a C-A-N-D-I- M-I-L-O ! Go Candi Milo ! Woo-hoo ! Oh, and if anyone noticed , Nick didn't lie to us yesterday , and they really did show an episode of MLaaTR ( love 'em or leash 'em/ Teen Team Time ) .

GO CANDI MILO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wakeman quote for the day :

wakeman : Well, as a parent, it's my right to destroy your happiness!

Ace said...

Thus far I've seen Teen-Bot episodes dubbed in Dutch and German. They're pretty good too, but they don't even come close to the original English voice-overs.

So, *YAY* to the Teenage Robot voice actors/actresses!

Chris Eliopoulos said...

Dear wakeman's_assitant,

I've been trying to find an address to send some of my stuff over there for people to see for the longest time, so maybe by some dream come true they would like my stuff and say hi to me! Find anyone knows where I could send anything please feel free to email me at or visit my site at

nwakeman said...

I agree with Wakeman's Assistant. Milo for Nomination! MILO FOR NOMINATION!!
Another Wakeman quote:
Wakeman: Where did you get that idea? A gumball machine?
Sheldon: I'll have you know that gumball machines hold useful information.
Wakeman: You are an amateur.
Sheldon: Well you're a know it all.
Wakeman: Bilge Rat!
Sheldon: BIRDNOSE!
Wakeman: How dare you!

Aaron said...

Attack of the 40-foot Jenny!

nwakeman said...

And 35-foot Wakeman!XD

Dragonrider1227 said...

Hey, "Attack of the 40 foot Jenny" sounds like an episode idea. I'm suprised they havn't done that. :D Anyhoo, Jenny on a 40 foot screen! *drools*

Amanda said...

I love the voice actors/actress of "TEENAGE ROBOT"


Anonymous said...

To Whom It May Concern:

When the boxed set of MLaaTR DVDs come out, having a clip from a recording session or table read would be a fantastic addition. Or better yet, short interviews from the main cast.

The best of luck to MLaaTR cast!!

nwakeman said...

I agree with the anonymous guy above me!

Dragonrider1227 said...

Ditto. I'd love to see the voice of Jenny play Jenny. :D *keeps fingers crossed for MLAATR cast*

Amanda said...

On the DVD having interviews with the cast would be great.


Dreamerx said...

Everyone is voting for Candi. I agree that she is quite talented, but she has had 2 nominations and poor Janice only got 1!. Let's give her another shot or both of them together ot how about the entire TEAM!

Say, did you ever wonder why no one ever hears from Janice Kawaye? Is she shy? Or just a private person?

Maybe if she got some fan mail, she would appreciate how much she is loved and cared fro by all we rabif fans. How about an email or a forwarding address for fan mail XJwriter??

Amanda said...

Perhaps Janice is a private person, but I still like her and the rest of the cast.


Chevelle said...

I'd love to be part of the cast, or a wrighter.

But when it comes to art I'm not that good.

And like they say, I have a voice for the deaf and a face for radio.

Anonymous said...

Re: Janice Kawaye

Considering that Ms. Kawaye has been acting for over 20-years, I assume she is very private when not behind a microphone or in front of a camera. My reason? She has no website (which many VOs do, including Ms. Milo) nor does she have a large body of work outside of animation/voice-over. It can't be because of her looks. To paraphrase Sheldon, "she's definitely easy on the eyes!"

BTW, if any of you want to see one of Ms. Kawaye's earliest works, find a copy of "Night of the Comet," a very cheesy, zombie flick from 1984. She was the cute little girl who the badguys almost drained of her blood.

If any rabid fans want to write to her, I'd assume you would have to go through her management. That shouldn't be too hard for the more diligent posters.

Anonymous said...

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akiko said...

to whom it may concern...janice is a really nice person. kind and very polite. she lives in so cal and has many acting credits to her name. i grew up watching captain planet everyday...not just because i liked the show but i HAD to like the show. after all she is my cousin.

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akiko said...

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