Wednesday, December 15, 2004

COLOR BABY! Here's a great example of what I was talking about on Monday. This entire scene takes on a different color palette because it's set in the dark recesses of space rather than on the sunny streets of Tremorton. Notice how much greener Jenny looks than in a normal daytime shot. Thanks to Leticia, one of our great color stylists, for forwarding this to the blog! Posted by Hello


tyde45 said...

Cool! Is that a shot from an upcoming episode? The first upcoming episode name that came to my mind was 'Comet Godess'.

Kevin said...

Now I know how you take different color plalette for each episode. It's so cool! I notice that pic is one of the upcoming episodes of MLAATR.

Anonymous said...

Me:*is space,sees a banana*hustan,we got a problem.

CoyoteLoon said...

I've mentioned it before, but the color palettes are one of the things that make the show so beautiful to watch. I especially remember some unique color mixes you used in the "Wizzly World" episode, and the lighting inside the UFO in "Unlicensed Flying Object".

That bold use of color is something you see in some of Rob Renzetti's earlier cartoons too, like Samurai Jack. Anyway, color creativity ... good! Me likey!

okra said...

очень хорошее.

I felt very impressive with a disposition of shining stars on background.

Anonymous said...

Hmm, I like the colour, i like the colour jenny is in dark places. its soo cool!^_^


Anonymous said...

That's sooooo awsome!!!!!! I like the colors!!!!!*stares*

Anonymous said...


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