Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Janice Tolentino: Storyboard Clean-Up Artist

When Janice recieves the "Rough" Storyboard, it is her job transform it into a polished, scaled version. This requires a steady hand, an accurate eye, and a lot of patience. Check out the Before and After pictures to get the full effect!


Anonymous said...

She has to do it all alone ? Mon Dieu ! You work very good, Miss Tolentino !

- James

crashfourit said...

That is kind of cool. What types of computer animation do you use? How do you use it?

Glen Bosiwang said...

Thumbs up for Janice who struggles to make the show work! In fact, she isn't alone in the project; every different storyboard artist does more than one episode and it usually involves more than 2 artists per season.

- Glen!

Anonymous said...

My hat is off to Ms Tolentino!

She nay be unsung but her work speaks volumes.

Thanks for calling up yet another of the "forgotten" people who make
MLaaTR the successful and polished show it is and always will be.

CoyoteLoon said...

Thanks very much for giving us a peek into the story process. Wow, so every storyboard has to be done twice? Actually maybe it's even more ... if I may ask, how many iterations does a storyboard have to go through before it's completed?

Anonymous said...

the before and after are soooo different. Why is that???

Anonymous said...

The before and after story boards are really cool.


Anonymous said...

I see "Escape from Cluster Prime" and "Bradventure". Cool!

Anonymous said...

You got my hopes up! I thought we were gonna get more vega when i saw her , but then i saw the quote "But she is mine!"

And school has been taking away my time to check the ro-blog! I wish i could stay home all day and watch MLaaTR ! Unfortunatly, that wil never happen.

wakeman quote of the day (which includes sheldon):

sheldon: Nora! We need more-

wakeman:secondary thrust! I know ! and call me mrs.wakeman.

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CDB said...

That's Amazing!! Both storyboards are spectular.

Oh I know, I haven't posted an fan works lately but this'll make up for that:


Done 2 months ago by my buds and me: Pietro & Danny.
Keep an eye on the top row. You'll see 2 gals and andriod queen that have a bone to pick with X-J9

Kevin said...

Sweet Before and After Pics of "Escape From Cluster Prime" and "Bradventure.!" Janice is very talented indeed! I wish I could be in her shoes and do some good storyboard art.

Anonymous said...

I like the different websites that they made for "TEENAGE ROBOT"


Inolis said...

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Anonymous said...

Wow... That must be a whole lot of work!

Vega looks kind of 'human' in the Before picture.

Chevelle said...

Hey yall I got some art for ya, not "exactly" fan art. But more of a theme art.

I call it the 1979 XJ9 Camaro XD


Future plans fer meh car

Anonymous said...

Just saw "Victum of Fashion " again.
What a a tour de force for the story line and the major characters!

I had seen some of the sketches in my
"MLaaTR" Sketch book and wondered where they would come into play.

I especially loved Jenny as Venus rising from the sea (on the 1/2 shell) and the "JennI" look with the Shades and the hat and the platform shoes!

Another moral about teenage angst and playing with their lives to be "in and fasionable" at the risk of everything. Well played and well done.

Jack Naka said...

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superhero_in_training said...

wow, she has to do all that? Kudos to her! Oh, I have a question, I've got a new show idea, I've even written a script and am working on a second one, and I was wondering how I could get it looked at. I'M A SCRIPT WRITER IN NEED OF ASSISTANCE!!!

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