Monday, October 17, 2005

Band Aids and Teenage Robots

You know how it's best to remove a band aid quickly rather than try to minimize the pain by going slow?

There will be no fourth season of Teenage Robot.

The executives love the show but the ratings aren't good enough for them to give us more episodes. We've known for quite awhile and I apologize for not letting you all know sooner but it I didn't want to dampen the enthusiasm you all have for the show. It really lifts my spirits to read your posts.

On the plus side, there are still many unaired episodes of Teenage Robot yet to come. Some of our best, I think. So please keep watching and spreading the word about Jenny. If the ratings improve over time who knows...

SpongeBob's original run was only three seasons as well ;)


Anonymous said...

Lower rating?
How it can be that rating!
Somebody (Nick) was 100% guilty, because they delay TOO MUCH the new episodes release and it looks like they aren't worried about it!
Mmmm ;(

Chevelle said...

BOOOO to the exects, I watch MLaaTR when ever I get the chance.

If they wont let you air it on nick. Send it to cartoon network or disney.

Jenny would probably fit in at cartoon network pretty well.

CandyRobot said...




T___T Darn! WHY?

I watch it a lot as well... Hmmmm.... I'm so sad now....

Kay Zoe said...

*Stabs the exectives* Spread the word and make more people watch MLaaTR! *gets torch and pitchfork*

Angi K. said...

That really stinks. I watch it everyday and I loved the tv-movie.

I can't wait to see the eps that haven't been aired yet.

I have to say, each episode was getting even better than the last.

R.Radna said...

As they say, all good things come to an end. Like I've said before, I think this show's a classic, and even though it won't continue production, it was really wonderful, and we all enjoyed it a lot.

My enthusiasm for the show isn't dampened by this at all, and I wish all the talented people who made this show come to life all the best for the future. Thanks for the brilliance that is MLaaTR!

nwakeman said...

BOOOOOOOOO! This stinks.. I'm a huge fan. Maybe ratings'll get better.(prays)

Andrew N.P. said...

Dang. Well, if this is the end, let me assure you that you had a good run. Maybe it's for the best that you quit while you're ahead, instead of going too long and letting Jenny jump the bionic shark.

Of course, if it turns out not to be over, that's cool too. ^^ It certainly does seem like you guys weren't given a fair chance. Hopefully, if they promote the third season well, they'll realize their error. (An error which, from the sound of things, they'd be happy to correct.)

red2z said...

well this does disapoint, but i must say i enjoyed it while it lasted. who knows frederator might be able to make a show with some of their other "oh yeah! cartoons" and jenny might make a comeback that way once and a while.

and this might also be an inopportun moment to ask but i may never get the chance later. would it be at all possible to purchase production material from the show? like some of the story boards or sketches that have been posted on this site?

Anonymous said...

I heart MLTR. Hate to say it...but, I told you so.

Dragonrider1227 said...

I still hope for some merchadice at least. Invader Zim still gets toys and t-shirts and it's been canceled for over a year now. :D But at the same time BURN IN HELL NICKELODEON! >(

Adrian said...

No! This Stinks! Spongebob is the how do I say this???? I don't Know but Spongebob is a bad show!!!!

crashfourit said...


I really liked this show. :((

I REALY hope the execs. EAT their WORDS!

crashfourit said...

One thing that could be hampering the ratings could be the time slots it is aired on and the inconistancy of aire times. Just a thought....

Adrian said...

Really! It Sponge bob is a bad show so Maybe leave it to it's 2 season!

Ace said...

Oh well... It was great while it lasted. Many thanks to the MLaaTR crew for the many hours of fun I had (and still have) watching the show.

And yeah, we still have the whole of Season 3 to come (and most of Season 2, in my case). Which means, at the rate Nick is airing the eps, we'll have at the very least another five years of MLaaTR to look forward to.

XJKenny said...

The ratings aren't good? No way-!?
I watch MLAATR episodes everytime without missing it like every MLAATR fans here. But still , don't give up hope on MLAATR show and it's crew, if the series can continue, might as well continue at
cartoon network, I heard at disney no matter how good a series is, the series must end at the third season. I will always root for MLAATR, MLAATR FOREVER----!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I loved MLAATR since day one. I made a fan music video called "Mr. Roboto" featuring the song by Styx and clips from that show, and WHATEVER HAPPENED TO ROBOT JONES. Andrew n.p. in terms of jumping the shark, it never jumped. INVADER ZIM went off the air due to the fact that it gained a cult following. Anyway, Candi Milo was perfect for Nora Wakeman, and she earned an Annie award for that character. Janice Kawayne brought life and character for the robotic heroine. Chad Droek as Brad was great (he can voice a talking Rodan). Quinten Flynn as Sheldon Lee was excellent (with that voice he can voice a talking Gamera). The pop-culture references were great. From anime, super-heroes, cartoons made between the 1920s, 30s, and 40s, to Japanese science-fiction adventures, and reference of Styx's famous song. FAIRLY ODDPARENTS is still running because of the constant celeberity guest appearnces. Like Jay Leno, Adam West, and Norm McDonald (of THE NORM SHOW fame). Eartha Kitt and Bruce Campell appearing on TEENAGE ROBOT was worth it. Maybe it needs more special guest stars such as Kelsey Grammar as a sea monster, or Ray Romano as a clumsy winey crook. See what I mean? I put the blame on AVATAR, MARTIN MYSTERY, MY DAD THE ROCK-STAR, and SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS for trying to kick out TEENAGE ROBOT! I blame SPONGEBOB (or SPONGEBAD) for not only hogging up the spotlight, but for sending subliminal messages to the youthful audience about trouble-making, misbehaving, and mischief. Jenny never promotes that. The violence in TEENAGE ROBOT is downplayed (watch ESCAPE FROM CLUSTER PRIME, and THIS TIME WITH FEELING and you will know what am I talking about)! The anime shows overplay violence. So in conclusion, MY LIFE AS A TEENAGE ROBOT is a great show, and I hope it stays on the air after the third season. Don't worry there is always DVD.

Dragonrider1227 said...

WOAH TIME OUT! Spongebob promotes absolutly nothing. In fact, it's opeing says "If nartical Nonsense be something you wish..." which means that tghe show has no meaing it's just supposed to be fun. Just the same, it does get WAAAY too much attention. DEATH TO NICKELDEON!

eduniki said...

It's sad T T
I'm a big fan of the show, and here in Chile, in the LatinAmerica sign of Nick, MlaaTR has a big popularity... U U
I can't believe it...

Anonymous said...

100 IF (MLAATR) = Dissapear
200 THEN
300 Nick = GOTO LINE 700
400 END IF
700 HELL!
600 END

wichobot said...

I'm wichobot.
Here in Guatemala (were "Survivor" was played), everybody talks about MLAATR show. That's the really reason what I made that TR.TK page.
The show is really Nice. In much time, I never see a good show like this.
I don't know why some exec's from Nick want to air-off the show.
That's so weird. It looks like Nick don't know the REALLY potential that they have in their hands.
I don't know why Nick called MLAATR a "Nicktoon", if they don't bring best support to the show.
To Frederator: This is a difficult time. Make your best choice and don't let that Nick destroy or get down the show.
To Nick: I'm very dissapointed about your company.
Q: Where's "Ren & Stimpy" now?
A: They're dead (or freeze in time).
It looks like you can only control your "nicktoons" a little time.
Maybe you can write a book called:
"How the BEST Toons Gets Down"
Really, I mean MAN!!!... You can't do this or you fall down soon!

CoyoteLoon said...

Sigh, can't say this comes as a surprise. I think the Nick executives and programming department did everything possible to kill this show. Teenage Robot had pretty good ratings after its first thirteen episodes, it started to build a strong Internet following ... and so Nick decided to wait over a YEAR to broadcast new season two episodes. And then, instead of airing one show a week to build interest, they slam them all out in five straight nights, with little promotion. Teenage Robot never got a steady timeslot, and if folks can't *find* the show on TV, then they're not very likely to watch it, are they?

Well, good luck to the crew of Teenage Robot in all your endeavors. Thanks for a great, fun show guys. Maybe you'll get a nice run (or an extension) over on Nicktoons.

Glen Bosiwang said...

I don't know what to say here but THIS IS TERRIBLE!

I can't believe that many of the most original shows I've seen are often cut short!!! Remember the cases with Firefly, Invader Zim and Wonderfalls? Nick also has a notorious history of firing Spumco out of Ren and Stimpy to produce some of the lamest episodes ever done! Could this be a conspiracy to 'kill Ceasar' aside from the 'low ratings' just to fool the public?

It's just not fair, considering that these shows prove to be more special, distinguishable and stick more to the roots of good ol' fashioned elements such as the Golden Age, the Retro Soviet Age, the Space Age and other obscure stuff. Shows that we know just eye-candy and plain suck are often given a longer lifespan (as far as I know).

Thank goodness there are fans and readers everywhere who will be holding hands together and hold special campaigns and create special stuff that Jenny and gangs won't have on TV! We urge everyone to spread the specialty of the show and show our interpretations of it in our own perspective and even create our fan club if possible! For those who are unaware of any fan website, you can find one of it in our TR fan-comic at (no, this is not a spam but a chance to see it in case they stop showing TR. I also hope the fan-comic gives some inspiration to the crews when they are given the chance!)

So good luck to all of you, fans of the Blue Girl!

- Glen!

Glen Bosiwang said...

And as you may not know, Mr. Renzetti, Spongebob gets a FOURTH season... (to fans, I admit I'm a big fan of this Squarepants as well...)

- Glen!

wichobot said...

Me again.
In fact I don't know what is expecting Nickelodeon about the show, If it's "ON-AIR" only 2 years:
Let's see:
1st. Episode (It came from next door) was transmitted on August 1st. 2003.
To this day, the show was only run 2 years, 2 monts, 17 days.
You can't expect ULTRA-HIGHER ratings if Nick transmit repeated and repeated episodes again and again.
We (the fans) are watching always the show, because this is our favorite bussiness. We don't care if it's a new or old episode.
The non-fans (in many times) watch 2 or 3 times an episode and then watch another thing! (There only was 26 episodes in an ENTIRE YEAR! 2004-2005).
Our only hope was the 2ND. SEASON episodes, BUT Nick strikes again! Catastrofik and terrible disaster happens: a NEW DELAY of the episodes ;(
I don't know how Nick survive doing that stupid things! (Maybe his dad: MTV Networks give his "weekend money" for their jobby.)
If Renzetti or Frederator need some help, we are in your side.
Nickelodeon was corrupted by the Dark Side!

Amanda said...

I will pray that "TEENAGE ROBOT" will get a fourth season. I am glad they have a third season to look forward to.


Allan Miskell said...

No, this can't be! Please don't stop the show! It is me and my girlfriend's favorite show to watch together... please don't take it away from us! :D

Is there some thing us fans can do to keep the show together? Like start a petition or something? I really don't want it to end!!!

wichobot said...

Allan was right!
We need to unite against Nick's exec's Group.
It's time to get our words to the Nick Forums (all forums) and fill with thousands of petitions and messages!
Send to your friends or non-friends e-mails about this BIG problem...
Somebody knows the Renzetti's e-mail? We need to know it! Now!

tochigami said...

I was disappointed at Nicorodeon.

In the heard story, the broadcasting time seems often to shift to MLAATR.

Nevertheless, it is unjust that the story is ended because of the audience

Jenny should move to the cartoon network.

Lychii said...

Hey, if I got screwy time slots and not many advertiments advertising it I'd get low ratings too.

This is real shame though. I admit, at first I wasn't too fond of this show but after a while it grew on me and now I like it. As much as I hate to say it but I kinda saw this coming, with the adsence of showing new eps regularly and all that. I guess it's for the better though, like someone said, before it jumped the bionic shark. :'(

I'm still going to cross my fingers and hope for a DVD box set.

Glen Bosiwang said...

Lychii is right: the MLAATR complete DVD box sets may probably save the show from permanent obscurity (the same does to Family Guy and Firefly which eventually becomes Serenity the movie) I bet there are a million viewers who never heard of Jenny before!!

- Glen!

jeaux janovsky said...

there's always hope for mina and the count you guys...

Anonymous said...

I'm sad. My favorite show while have only three seasons. Thanks to all the crew for this wonderful cartoon. I wish you would continu to make so great creation.

Here in Switzerland I'm waiting with impatience the third season and the DVD.

Amanda said...

I am waiting for the DVD and the third season, too.


Cap'n Ugly said...

Huh. Too bad, this is a pretty good program, better than some I can think of.

Jenny and friends may now join the hallowed ranks of beloved cancelled cartoons, to be remembered in regular nostalgia discussions.

Anonymous said...

tis time to destroy that f****n nickeldeon

Anonymous said...

has enyone some episodes of mlaatr?
i didnt even watch whole 1st season. please contact at

Anonymous said...

i watched and they have the whole first season :)

AMAXS13 said...

Now is not the time to mourn. Now is the time to fight for Teenage Robot. It's time to let Nick know that we will not go quietly into the night. It's up to us. Teenage robots UNITE!

Kay Zoe said...

Go here and vote "Yes" to keep it on air! I voted "yes" ;)

Anonymous said...



I can't watch Teenage Robot because it's on such a f*cking bad time! EVERBODY THAT IS NOT AT SCHOOL MUST WATCH IT!!!

Oh well, guess it's Puffy Ami Yumi and Avatar for me, this place never updates anymore. :( (tear)

The Great One said...

I see there were some rather acid comments about Nick and it's scheduling practices, as well as some very constructive ideas to let teh execs know thet there IS popularity and a strong fan base out here.

What I sugges is to let cooler heads prevail, I assume that Nick execs read this blog. Cursing Nick won't have as much effect as positive things like petitions. email campaigns to Nick, Frederator and even Viacom (Nick's parent company) asking for a fourth and even a FIFTH season of MLaaTR.

The ONLY way we are going to get their attention is by telling them WE are out here and WE want more of Jenny!

Clamor for more shows, better scheduling, for merchandising, for DVDs, esp for Xmas.

Point out the awards the show has one and what a possitive role model it sets for teenagers.

If we ALL do this, someone HAS to listen.

superhero_in_training said...

Wha... how... who... why... NOOOOO!!! HOW COULD THEY DO THAT???!!! IS THERE NO JUSTICE IN THIS WORLD???!!!

Anonymous said... rulezz

Amanda said...

I agree telling NICK how we feel in a POSITIVE way, is good.


Anonymous said...

What does this mean :

They will make movies??

Anonymous said...

VIACOM e-mail:

Anonymous said...

VIACOM = Nickelodeon Parent

CrankUp said...

Teenage robot is cancelled? AWESOME! now there will be more space on the schedual for Spongebob!

CDB said...

Man!!! Another one gone..First Hey Arnold, now X-J9's fate is hanging in the balance.
Mr. Renzettiand the rest of the MLAATR crew keep your heads up. You all delievered great enterainment for the viewers here on the Roblog.

tyde45 said...

This is very upsetting news, but no reason to give up all hope.
I like this one saying; it's my personal motto, and I would like to share it with you:
"Accept it, and move on."
That's what I have done, and have found that there is more hope than thought. If Spongebob was originally going to be 3 seasons, there's a lot of hope! Jen is better than that underwater fungus!

nwakeman said...

Crank Up! if you hate the show WHY ARE YOU ON THIS BLOG?!?!?!

Anonymous said...

Have you guys considered making a final episode to tie everything together? It wouldn't be that hard to make one...raise some money, or make it yourselves using the Flash Animation computer program.

Omnios (formerly -Pickle-)

Kevin said...

Aw man! This stinks! I love MLaaTR. It's my #1 television show. How could they just cancel it when there are so many fans out there who still love to watch it. Just because the ratings are not good for the executives doesn't mean it's not good for the other people who watch it.
I was hoping Teenage Robot could be on more longer.

Rob, you are one of the best cartoon creators I known. I won't let you down. I'll keep watching Teenage Robot and vote for it as being the best show.

Hopefully, I hope to meet or work with you someday. Right now I live in Michigan and going to college to earn my Associate's Degree in Media Arts.
In less than two years, after getting my degree there, I'm moving near Burbank, California to get my Bachelor's Degree and try to get a job in Frederator.

I hope to see you one day and I can't wait top hear from you again. And I promise to do anything to get Teenage Robot back on the air.

Have a nice day!


Lychii said...


I remember hearing that NICK has a "no last episode" rule, hence an ep of The Angry Beavers wasn't aired. (If I remember correctly)

Matt said...

This was going to happen. Now can we get a confirmation that Rugrats (or any Klasky Csupo (or Butch Hartman) series, for that matter) has been renewed for another gut-wrenching year?

Go back to Cartoon Network. Genndy Tartakovsky has headed to Orphanage Studios and persuing feature animation, so they'll prolly be looking for another auteur to replace him. Even if it isn't MLaaTR, you could pull off something good and original. Perhaps with a long story arc as well. :p

Anonymous said...

Have you seen the page of frederator?

They said : " The revolution will not be televised"
Are they making movies??

Amanda said...

I believe that their is hope for "TEENAGE ROBOT"


Chevelle said...

Hold on a minute everybody!
If nick would air MLaaTR as much as spongebob theny we would have the ratings.

I surely cant tell you when the show comes on. I have to search for it on my DSS system.

Nick needs to air MLaaTR more often, and quit airing SBSP epps that are older than the freaking hills.

Everytime I do watch SBSP it's an ep I have seen before, many times before.

What I'm gonna do is quit watching Nick, until MLaaTR comes on, and right when it's over. Change the channel.

If all the MLaaTR fans did that, it may make MLaaTR look better.

Anonymous said...

we really shouldnt compair the two show. Sponge bob had really strong stories and fun graphics. Robot has really well thought out visuals but pretty flat stories. It seems to pander a bit to much to kids with worrying about just making good stories. Yeah it's tough for a show to survive on one thing alone...unless it's anime, it's got a built in fan base, devoted and blind.

Anonymous said...

the movie and the episodes with the russian rats were the best.

-Tiny Trror

Anonymous said...

I can't say as I'm surprised. Viacom (owner of Nick) started out as, and still is the "reruns company".

If what I think is true, What they SHOULD say, is that the ratings on the reruns of EXISTING eps of MLAATR are good enough for the execs. They see no reason to make NEW eps to IMPROVE those ratings.

Decisions of that type are par for the course in dealing with Viacom and it's subs.

Hang in there, Rob. Job well done on this show; I loved it, and look forward to whatever you do in the future!

Jack Furlong

Anonymous said...

Perhaps, after the rest of Season 2 and Season 3 have run their courses, a movie could be made to give closure to the series and pressed to home video/DVD if not accepted from TV executives.

Anonymous said...

i thing the humiliation 101 is the best episode

nwakeman said...

Yeah it was great, but my favorites were pest control and armagedroid

That Don Guy said...

How many episodes are in the last season? It seems strange that there would be only 39 episodes - that's one of the shortest orders they've had (yes, Invader Zim only had 27, but that was because production was stopped in the middle of the second season).

Amanda said...

Well if they have to cancel "TEENAGE ROBOT" I hope they do not. They should make a movie, to tie everything together.


Anonymous said...

Hey! RobotRenzetti / XJWriter:
What's wrong with both of you?
I know you're probally watching what we write day to day. BUT we need you to have to continue with your DAILY UPDATE BLOG!
If you're busy on another bussiness, I guess somebody else would continue UPDATING THIS BLOG!

Aaron said...

Unfortunately, this news doesn't surprise me as much as it should. It seems Jenny has as many enemies in the real world as in the show.

But we can still whup 'em. BIG TIME.

As Renzetti said, there are still more episodes on the way. I implore everyone, all of the fans, and, yes, even those who MADE the show, to watch MLAATR every chance we get, not just to relive the good time, but to heighten the rating of the show itself! I admit, I am partially at fault for this incident; I didn't watch it at first, and I very often miss episodes, or not know when they're coming on. Now I know better, and I'll take my chances and look at the listings. Is that so hard? And I'm sure that if we all do it enough, we can outnumber those who change the channel (although I like other shows as well) and save it from the same fate as Zim!

Check the TV guide. Watch the show. SAVE TEENAGE ROBOT!

Connor Wilson said...

Every year my son Dylan and I have been building our Halloween animatronic display. This year we added 12 new figures and my wife had been making the clothes etc. but then I clued in that Halloween Costumes were the ideal solution - ya, ok I'm slow but...This year is really cool because we've done an HP Lovecraft display that I'm sure he'd appreciate but I'm not so sure he'd approve of this - The Necronomicon - Is it just me or is that just plain goofy ? Anyway, everybody is doing their own Haunted House thing now but hey - it's fun and if you've got kids I really suggest you try it yourself if you haven't already. It's a nice change from the usual Christmas Lights routine and a lot of scaaarrry fun. Happy Halloween everybody.

Amanda said...

I think if we watch more "MY LIFE AS A TEENAGE ROBOT" maybe just maybe the ratings will go up and we may get a 4th season.


hyper monkey said...

Whoa...thats just not fair...well, I'm not saying Nick is a horible hoorible company...I just think that this is the dumbest move they have pulled off, I'm just as big of fan for the Teenage Robot as any other fan out here, and I'm not saying its 100% Spongebob's fault...I'm just guessing (my opinion, don't scream at me or start an angry mob at me please ^^;) that people perfer to see some green hair idiot saying the most dumbest of things and a yellow sponge spazing out in every oher eipsode rather then seeing a decent episode of a robot flying around the world saving the day and trying to have a normal life. that was just my logical self talking, now for my fan self. What I don't get and I mean, REALLY don't get, is hos a sponge be the greatest thing to hit mankind, just think this out: whats much more interesting? a sponge who works as a frycook, spazzes out with each and every episode, and acts like a 2 yr old, or a teenage fighting robot who has the strengeth a million and 70 men (my friend sent me the lyrics...don't ask) stop an empire (reference to Escape from Cluster Prime) from enslavment and have spare time to live a life as a normal teenage girl! ...regardless of being a robot of coarse. Now then, I read someone's (too lazy to look) post saying something about subliminal message, but I kinda have to agree on it...not fully just a little, in Teenage robot, I think the message is to be yourself rather then trying to be popular or something while Spongebob is about acting like a toddler and degrade your life into becoming a fry cook. now to Fairly Odd Parents! I use to like the show, just as equally as MLAATR, but then it just got and cliche in so many ways and they pushed waaaaaaaaaaaaay to hard on being funny when its just...not. I mean, whats funny about a nickel? and as a fan for MLAATR, I found it funny seeing Mrs.Wakeman going out on a date and Jenny spying on her, so now back on to what I'm pointing out. Nck orignally cared about the audiance, but now they care only on whats more popular, Spongebob, Oddparents, Danny Phantom etc...anything that they can get their hands on and make a merchendise out of is ok with them, but giving MLAATR a chance to prove that its just as good will give Nick a 2nd glance, a good idea is to actually PROMOTE the show rather then showing a commerical for it once and move on to showing every minute a new episode of Catscratch, and to move the time slot! no DUH the ratings are low! they don't show the show late in the afternoon like Spongebob is, they show it straight after Nick Jr (yes I know that for a fact cause I had a lot of vacations this month)and if convincing Nick doesn't work, well theres always an angry MLAATR mob to come and waltz to the executive's offica and slap them silly till they show season 4 ^^ yeah I'm just about done with my rant.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, it's a shame, but oh well.

There should be a proper ending to the series then, like a movie or special episode or whatever...

chris C said...

its just as well that the show is getting cancelled. it was getting a bit stale and losing alot of the charms of the early episodes. the new shows are just too loud and obnoxious.

Allan Miskell said...

My question is... how are ratings determined? How do companies know what shows are watched more than others?

R.Radna said...

hyper monkey- Jokes about stupidity are a tv cartoon staple. The particular "nickel" joke on fairly odd parents wasn't about the nickel, it was about Cosmo's "creative" view of reality. And while not all shows are the same, that doesn't mean there's no place for that kind of show on tv.

As for MLaaTR's fate, I agree with some of the comments here that maybe Nickelodeon isn't the best place for a more sophisticated, deeper show like this one, as evidenced by the fiasco that was the plan to bring a Skeleton Key cartoon to Nickelodeon (look it up on the web if you want to know what I'm talking about), but as for badmouthing the channel, I really don't see what purpose that serves. It won't change their minds and really just makes the show's fans look bad.

Amanda said...

I agree "TEENANGE ROBOT" does have a message about be yourself, which is so true.


tyde45 said...

I saw some posts above about favorite episodes, so let me share some of my thoughts....
It's obvious that some of the least favorite episodes don't have many backgrounds and a lot of different settings (like for example, Robot Riot is pretty much in only one place, and in my opinion, it was one of the lower episodes, but episodes like Future Shock and Humiliation 101 were one of the best). This isn't always true for everybody. And sometimes it doesn't apply to anybody; like, I don't like Mind Over Matter, or Last Action Zero. But enough with the negatives, I love this show, I THINK WE SHOULD MAKE A PETITION!!!! If you are with me, email me at!

Anonymous said...

To: XJWriter or RobotRenzetti.
From: Teenage Roblog visitors.


We're getting tired about this situation.

Anonymous said...

when is the unaired episodes of "my life as a teenage robot" gonna be on TV?

Aaron said...

OK, you KNOW a blog is popular when spam bots start filling it with junk. ^u^

BTW, I've started a club:

Anyone that's interested, please join!

Anonymous said...

SpongeBob was only supposed to have 3 seasons? No wonder...

Didn't Nick notice that MLaaTR was one of the ONLY nicktoons?

Heck, there's only like 6 of them.

MLaaTR, Catscratch, Martin Mystery (do they still show that?), SpongeBob, Fairly OddParents, and Jimmy Neutron.

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*Kendra* said...

This is so wrong! I would go on strike for MLaaTR!!

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A man walks into his favorite bar and saw a bum panhandeling. The bum asked if the man could spare a dollar. The man replied "If I give you money are you going to use it to buy liquor?" The bum said he would not, so the man asked "If I give you money are you going to use it for gambling?" Again the bum said he would not, so the man asked "Would you come home with me so I can show my wife what happenes to someone who doesnt gamble or drink?"

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wakeman's_assitaint said...

I get grounded and this is what happens!!!

That's it! i want nickelodeons e-mail adress ASAP!!! If i don't get it , i shall go on strike and not watch nick at all. Even if that means not watching danny phantom or FOP !
Who's with me!?

the wakeman quote of the day(kinda sorta changed):

Wakeman: Did i say impossible , i ment improbable as in theyve done it they cancelled MLaaTR!!

Now if you exuse me , i'm gonna go write to candi milo , and tell her maybe she should not work with nick anymore(hey it might work!)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Now this is funny ;)

Goodman441 said...

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elemental hero art said...

NO JENNY NO PEACE! F#@$ NICK! This sucks & blows. why cant those morons do eney thing right. i meen c'mon(cancle MLAATR)..

elemental hero art said...

plese I beg of you T_T or else. V_V

Anonymous said...

Get a gripp man! You call yourself a elemental hero wuss........ why cancle MLaaTR.. THATS SICK! !-(

Anonymous said...

kendra will you marry me?you did not here that from me. i meen lets go on strik..

elemental hero art said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
elemental hero art said...

leave jenny alone!

elemental hero art said...

leave jenny alone!

badgirl said...

what the f@*# !!!!!! I'm going on strike and I mean it.

Anonymous said...

f@#*& nick give back jenny

xj9 said...

wow!! you guys care for me. I hate that I won't be able to do my own show!!

ARTMAN said...

your all right. f!#? nick. return jenny or suffer the dire coniqence.

Anonymous said...

i love the teenage robot

please dont let turner or disney take it over

i really wish there was a bit fo merch with the show i would have loved a jenny bend-em toy(the rubber coated wire)

i've had to make jennys out of lego(maybe you could have licenced with lego they neem to really be getting into robot mechs now)

sure teh kim possible toys bombed but cheapo bendems would have been perfect


Anonymous said...

man this sucks, okay, the reasons this show is being cancelled is,
a.poor time slots
b.practically un-advertised
c.treated like a secind rate cartoon after season 1
d.the nielson rating system sucks
if only the show could go to another network or, say, get an ad campaign, new eps and a consistent time slot?
guys,your like firefly, everyone is gonna' want you back but they'll never let you back in.
i wish you could pull a family guy and go to another network and turn out a huge success their but it ain't happening.
but just a tip for everyone working or formerly working on mlaatr, show nick an image from the upcoming show Robot Boy, then place it next to a picture of jenny, and you'll see that cartoonnetwork thought MLAATR was succesful enough to rip-off. and wouldn't be sad if a rip-off out lived the original?
everyone, workers included, fight for this show with everything you've got.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Kay Zoe. I WANT AN ANGRY MOB!

Anonymous said...

I have hear rumors about the teenage robot its said she will air a fourth and five season on cartoon network and a little crossover with danny phantom also on cartoon network

the fairly oddparents have aired more episodes in a channel named Jetix

Garrett said...

thats not fair i love this show sure im kinda older than the crowd it was for but thats how good it was. i want a mob we'll dress up in blue and white and destroy all until they finally agree to continue!!!!!!

Garrett said...

forgot love it better than speed racer, zim, dexter, and some other
more adult shows (ex. burn notice, physc, monk, house, and chuck.) hope it gets renewd

ahmed said...

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Y-T said...

It will separate from Nickelodeon. Although it is too late, how is resumption about new series at Hub?
It is [ whether many Jennie's toys with an armed gimmick should come out by the TOMY COMPANY development and the Hasbro sale to work, and ].
They are black figures.