Monday, December 12, 2005

Annie Nominations Are In!

And MLAATR received 3 nominations. In addition to the general "Best TV Show" category, Alex Kirwan recieved a nomination for Production Design and Bryan Arnett got one for Character Design. Bryan is soft spoken but oh so talented with a pencil (and a golf club). You may recognize these Arnett designs from our one hour special.


Anonymous said...

With all of the nominations this show gets, its really surprising and quite sad that it does not get much air time, in addition to not being continued as a series past season 3.

Anonymous said...

stiuped nick

Anonymous said...

I agree I wish "TEENAGE ROBOT" did go past the third season.


Kevin said...

3 nominations! Cool! Congrats for the nominations for the 3rd year in a row!

I wish all the best of good luck.

I hope MLaaTR stays on the air as long as it's being nominated for "Best TV Show."

Anonymous said...

awesome, thanks for putting these images up. very inspiring stuff.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I recognize some of these designs. Especially the robot Brit and Tiff were sitting on and the two robots that sent Jenny "back" to school.

Congrats on the 3 nominations for the show! I hope MLaaTR wins all three prizes, if only to show Nick how big a mistake they've made by not giving the green light for a fourth season!

Anonymous said...

i reconize all of these metal people from cluster prime. ASOME

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the nominations :)

why is it that the best shows get sacked? (for Transformersfans: Beast Wars also won an award (Grammy? Emy? I dont remember) but since then there has not been a TF show as good...)

Anonymous said...

This guy truly has some talent! I love the bus that walks.

Oh, and my Teen-bot cluib is still up, if anybody is interested;

Here's to you, Mr. Renzetti.


P.S. A friend of mine wants to talk to you about the show. If you'd like to get in touch, email me at my address:

The Great One said...

This message is dated 12/13/2005

Mr Renzetti:, If you find the time to read these, I wnat you to know that today was my young son's Birthday and Nick showed :

" A Robot for all Seasons"

He said it was the best present he could have asked for.

Thank you, and thanks to Janice, Candi, Quinton, Chad, Audrey, Alex and all the wonderful folks who make MLaaTR the wondferful show it is.

Computerman said...

What probably needs to be done is a reverse of the Save Kim Possible movement.

In the Kim Possible movement there was a very strong widespread fan base that was trying to convince Disney that they should continue the show beyond three seasons because it was so popular and was being ended unfairly because of a rule that 65 episodes was all they wanted to produce. Through letters, email, and petitions we got through to Disney.

In our case, since Nickelodeon delayed the second season, poorly promoted anything with the show, and moved MLaaTR's time slot around so much it could make anyone dizzy it did not get a chance to gain the fan base it should have. Since this is the case we need to spread the word and promote the show somehow ourselves through well advertised bulletin boards and petitions so that this show can gain the popularity that Nickelodeon failed to generate. Also we need somehow to get in contact with Nickelodeon to get them to promote the show in well established time slots for the rest of season 2 and all of season 3 so that it has a real chance to get the ratings that this quality show so richly deserves so that it can continue past three seasons.

See the picture on teenage roblog I had submitted:
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2. Re: What is needed is group action | 12/07/2005 9:50pm

"That's a cute picture. I agree. We need to gain support from others to help continue the show. The only problem is that it's hard to do that when not a lot of people come on this forums. But we need to do what KP fans did. We need to send online petitions and emails and letters persuading to not cancel the show. That's the main reason why MLAATR is getting cancel because a lot of people is not doing that. I'm a KP fan and I bought their merchandise and send emails and the show is getting renewed for a 4th season. We need to do that for MLAATR and we need to now before it winds up getting cancel like all the other shows on Nickelodeon got cancel like the show Hey Arnold. So anybody reading this, we need all the help and support we can get to continue the show. I have faith that the show can continue."

Anonymous said...

I suggested this months ago! I am glad to see that someone else is as incensed as I am about the poor treatment that Nick has given this show.

I am open to help in any way I can. I have already sent snail mail to the heads of Nick and Viacom (Nick's Parent company).
One letter is ignored. A hundred or a thousand are more likely to be seen and maybe acted on.

I am going to the website you mentioned and I shall look for any and all sites I can find to "get out the vote" to Save Jenny/

Computerman said...

Someone on

" Re: HELP US TO SAVE THE SHOW! (Vote here!)
« Reply #12 on Dec 6, 2005, 11:01pm »

Guys. I know why the show is being cancelled. I spoke to Jill (animatrixie) who actually works for the show as a character designer, and she was the one responsible for making my Pteresa scare art . she told me that the staff lost their scripter whoem makes the storylines for new episodes. since their scripter is lost. the crew is parting until they can find a new scripter to take over. she said that she is not sure why the scripter left but she did suspect that he was hired by another cartoon. it is not really cancelled, she told me that its just on hold. however, they are showing reruns until they can solve this problem.

Zack Grillo
JennyxSheldon shipper "

StatelyPlump said...

Wow, that's great if it's true! Teenage Robot forever!

Anonymous said...

Wow, I haven't posted in a long time. I just wanted to wish you and your cast and crew good luck! I hope that Alex Kirwan and Bryan Arnett win their Annies, and that the Avatar: The Last Airbender (another one of my favorite shows that is on Nickelodeon) cast and crew win theirs. As for the Best Animated Television Production? I see for that Annie, Spongebob Squarepants has been switched with Avatar: The Last Airbender. I'm going for you guys. The show is run so well, and I will keep supporting it!

Unknown said...

Very very coooool drawings!! Nice character designs!

Jay D Smith said...

wow!!! fantastic stuff!!!