Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Color scheming

A color scheme could come from anywhere. A movie poster, an old paper-back cover, a toy robot, someone's shirt, it doesn't matter just as long as it creates the right mood for scene. In fact, we're kind of like visual dj's, but instead of sampling beats from an old LP, we'll dig into our comic boxes and bookshelves. Or maybe I just want to make my job sound a lot hipper than it is.


The Great One said...

Ingenious and so simple.

The essence of elegance

Master Poop said...

thats nice to know.. i always feel kinda lame when i sample schemes.. but if you use a, "sampling beats", kinda description.. it doesnt feel lame at all!

Chris Jackson said...

Keep drawing and posting please, Candyrobot!

miles said...

yes - you want your job to sound very hip - it's not - you create graphics to move in time in order for big brother to veil (albeit thinly) subliminal programming that will keep white people buying Hummers and filling them with 3rd world overpriced fuel...there is positively nothing "hip" about it you babybrainwasher!!!

this stuff you posted looks great! color is always a wonder to behold ...thanks eyes for the color spectrum and thanks for sharing your stuff!