Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Jenny around the world

All this travelling has gotten me thinking. One of the coolest things about making a show for a studio like Nickelodeon, is that your work will eventually be shown all over the world. However, each countrie's Nickelodeon is its own company, and even though Rob and I have asked many times we never get to see the international versions of our show.
Recently I found this; a clip of Teenage Robot featuring the theme song and characters speaking in German. For those those of us used to the english version, there are some fun surprises, including Tuck's more mature voice.
This Blog seems to have visitors from around the world, does anyone have links to clips of their local versions of Robot?


crashfourit said...

That is interseting.....

I think I've seen that clip before.

I think there is some spanish and Japanese clips floating around the web too.....

Anonymous said...

If you are thinking about world
teenage robots you will possibly find something usefull in your fan art post

the fan art with all of our characters
with ninja customes was awesome i see that fan art in some part of this blog

use it and make a new episode to save the show

Also, see my large but crazy idea in time flies previous post about a cross over with Danny phantom and the Teenage robot.

ALSO for Rob Renzetti please after some japanese based shows he will possibly can take a little, time off without Japan, he is possibly a Japan
Lover speak no evil, and teenage mutant ninja troubles test that

Chazz princetone

wichobot said...

Somebody check ?
Please put me on related websites section.

Anonymous said...
Japanese clips

alaxr274 said...

CandyRobot: Keep drawing and posting please!

Anonymous said...


Click on "PROMO".

crazy4sims said...

if you would like i could video tape the dutch version, and mail it to you guy's, the fourth series is still on here an it's fully in dutch. if you like me to do so please email me at: . and we can arange some thing with you, you will like the dutch versions ther quite funny. and i'll post you the tape as soon as possible.

The Great One said...

For a show that is on is so many countries, Why is is it not renewed?

We should take all these copies, send them to Nick and Demand a fourth season!

I know, preaching to the Choir.

Love that German Clip. They seem to mature early in Deutchland!
(must be the Bruanchschwieiger!)

crazy4sims said...

just an little up-date for you guy's.
this is the dutch site but there was no clip for you:( sorry but if you want me to tape the show on vcr just email me

crazy4sims said...

allso when searching for an online clip i fount these:
rob showing us how to draw jenny:

here's the japanees into to the show:
(very funny sounding)

this one is a funny part from the english show but still nice to see:

wichobot said...

Just type in Youtube or Google Video: mlaatr

Pablo said...

Hi, my name is Pablo,I am from Bolivia. I like mlaatr, It is sad it has ended.
The latinamerican spanish version was made by some venezuelan dub studio. It was a great show. Sorry my bad english XD

Jessie Winkler said...

I saw that German one! Tuck sounded FREAKY!

Anonymous said...

Indeed, Spanish Latin American dub was made by M&M Studios, a Venezuelan dub company, located on Caracas. They also made the dub of "As Told by Ginger". This is the contact data:

M&M Studios
993 - 7660 / 5097 /

(unfortunately their website is down...)