Thursday, August 24, 2006

Emmy Hits and Misses

Our Pre-Party was definitely a big hit. The ceremony was LONG and we DIDN'T win! But it was all worth it to see Bryan Arnett on stage getting his pretty little statue. The Governor's Ball afterwards was a ... ball. It was great getting the TR Gang together again!


wichobot said...

Well... an Emmy per year is OK ;)
Good going guys!
I hope the food was OK, too!
btw, I'm planning a new TR Project!
- Coming soon! -

XJKenny said...

Congratulations to the MLaaTR crews, I wish you all could have won but it is better than nothing
(Actually you guys should have won IMO). You guys did a marvellous job on producing and bringing MLaaTR to the fans. Thank You ^-^.
And what MLaaTR project that you are planning, Wichobot?

TOMAS said...

An anecdote exists about the aids: Once Charles Chaplín, I enter an aid, This will on the best imitation of He himself. It is to say the aid was: " imitate to Charles Chaplín!"... it obtained the third place... Sometimes the talent of people is not recognized: _ (

wichobot said...

Well, in fact they're 2 TR Projects on the way ;)
Just wait for them, hehe...
- Coming soon! -
- Coming soon! -

The Great One said...

The Emmys are Rigged!

nuff said.