Thursday, October 12, 2006

Everything's New!

New webpage!
- Index v2 (specially thanks to PSH).

New episodes!
- "There's no place like Home School" dubbed in English & Spanish.

New languages!
- "Weapons of Mass Distraction" dubbed in English & Spanish.

New features!
- New flash enviroment.
- Quick video search.
- Quick language and quality settings search.
- Renewed video window.

New videos!
- The whole First & Second Seasons are now available in High-Quality.

Want more? Just go here now!


Sparkchu said...

Impressive, to say the least!

Shelltoon TV said...

Very impressive new look! So nice to hear Janice doing voice over for Jenny again.

Zn1P said...

Very useful source! gonna dowload all the episodes

Anonymous said...

@ Shelltoon: I second that!

As a matter a fact, I'll watch "Weapons of Massed Distraction" in English right now

Shelltoon TV said...

It all began with a HUGE EXPLOSION!

Anonymous said...

3 letters:

XJ-0 said...

I'm missing a plugin. Can you help me?

wichobot said...

Sure! :)
If you are watching "normal-quality" episodes, you must download the "VP6/MP3" plugin.
For "Hi-quality" ones, just download the "DivX web player".