Sunday, November 19, 2006

Hidden Names # 4

Joseph Holt (background layout designer) hides his last name on this
scene from "The wonderful world of Wizzly".

By some coincidence, some guys did the same some years ago in a
popular fighting videogame aka Mortal Kombat ;)
PS: Check carefully each element of both scenes.


XJKenny said...

Now~ that is very coincidence, cemetery with hidden staff names(creepy easter). The only thing that's missing is fighters for the MLaaTR Cemetery background ^-^.

Shelltoon TV said...

And they would do it again in Mortal Kombat with the whole Tobias and Boon names with a character: Noob Saibot

Лёша(Lesha) said...

Hidden names # 4?
There were other hidden names in other episodes? :-0

Aaron said...

Anyone else notice that the shovel and tombstone are casting shadows on the scenery...and SKY?!

wichobot said...

Yes, there are many others :)
Did, you check the ANCIENT TREE too? Too many coincidences! :)

Лёша(Lesha) said...

Oh! I have found them in the archive.Thanks.

BINO said...




Mudflap said...

Xjkenny: Could you do a picture of Brit or Tiff dressed like this girl?