Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Be the queen!

No, this is not another fashion contest...

Now Krust cousins won't be alone.
Go this way... you'll find more about it ;)


K.Zoe said...

Damn, the new Vexus is hot.

A-Log said...

Sadly, I have to disagree on that. The MILF quality of her old form has been replaced with an anorexic body. Way too skinny for my taste. If Rob is reading this, if the show does get another chance at life, please, PLEASE, make her new form a one time thing! On the plus side, I like her new green and black paintjob and it's great to hear Eartha Kitt's voice again.

Anthony "A-Log" LoGatto

wichobot said...

You mean to redesign Vexus in her "pharaonic" style instead her new body?
*Writing down...*

Anonymous said...

Its like Samus from Metroid, changing the bulky powered suit to the slimmer and sexy zero suit.
But in my opinion, it depends on people's comments and feelings so I really don't mind how Rob changed Vexus' newly improved and remodeled body.
To me, I know its kinda difficult to get used to her new body, but it looks kinda better.
...Well, maybe they should've improved a bit better on her hair-like head.
And like k.zoe said, damn she's sexy!(lol)

I wonder how Smytus and Krakus changed too?

Punksee said...

Vexus will always look good to me.(her slang made me laugh at the begining XD) I've thought Vexus of an eygyption scarub,not a cockroach as Jenny put.

Sparkchu said...

Enough about Vexus' redesign, what about the horrible waste of TWO perfectly good buckets of coleslaw? :)

A-Log said...

In response to Wichobot, yes I prefer that they go back to her pharoh-like style. Thanks for asking.

Anthony "A-Log" LoGatto

XJKenny said...

Whoa~~ Vexus sure looks good and hot in her new body design. Her previous body design is also good.
It's great to see Vexus again in a more normal mental status ^-^

Anonymous said...

I thought Vexus was a cicada when I first saw her. But just by thinking about it, most of her henchmen were roaches, so maybe she is.