Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Jenny in a globe...

A nice job made by TRF777.
Artist's comment: "A rather adorable snow globe featuring Jenny.
The snowglobe is made out of a sandwich spread jar. The figure inside is made completely out of polymer clay (the kind you bake in an oven). The "snow" is red and silver glitter. All of the little black lines on Jenny, such as the face, hands, and other little details, are drawn with an ultra thin sharpie marker.
I know some of these pictures aren't very good, and I noticed that when I put the lid with the figure attached, the glass jar somehow made the figure look bigger. I know that picture of the completed snowglobe does look a little distorted because of the glass."


TOMAS said...

Yuo´re a real Artist TRF777!!! I need one for me!!!

Apollo11 said...

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Anonymous said...

Jenny in a Jar!

Fascinating, but a bit bizzare.

I think the artwork is fine

But then I have thing for XJ9

Anonymous said...

you are such an awsome artist!!!