Thursday, July 26, 2007

Taking a picture...

It seems that the chicks group have some of fun before taking a picture ;) !

Nice fanart by BenGrimm ^^ !


lunarklip said...

Heh, Jen is posing like the old man monster in Pan's Labyrinth (sorry if spelt wrong) ^^

The Great One said...

Jenny has teeth?

News to me.

Looks interesting though.

Nice rendition.

Anonymous said...

Gracias por sus comentarios amigos!! los aprecio bastante!!!=)

Lunarklip: !Si!, ¡asi es, tienes razòn! base este dibujo de Jenny en el ogro que aparece en la pelicula, asi que no te preocupes ,!al contrario! ,!eres buen detective!

A great one: Gracias por el comentario,Great one!
Me da gusto que mi dibujo te pareciera interesante, no, Jenny No tiene dientes, pero si la ves mas cerca te daras cuenta de que no lo son , son los discos laser que tiene en su boca, como los del capitulo"No speak Evil"

Thanks for its commentaries friends! the esteem enough! =)
Lunarklip: yes! , thus is, you are right! base east drawing of Jenny on the ogre that appears in the film, so you do not worry! on the contrary! ! you are good detective!
To great one: Thanks for the commentary, Great one! It is pleasant to me that my drawing seemed to you interesting,
Yes, Jenny no has teeth, but you close see but sides it that is not it, are the laser disks that it has in his mouth, as those of I chapter " Not speak Evil "

Ben Grimm

Anonymous said...

Jajajaja, qe graciosa XDDD Jenny como el Hombre Palido del Laberinto del Fauno XD

EggHeadProductions said...


The Great One said...

Ben, I stand corrected!

They Are Language Disks in her mouth! Very astute and quite accurate.

My Hat is off to you and your fine sense of detail!

Even got the ports in her hands where she shoots out weapons and other devices.

Very Well Done!