Thursday, January 17, 2008

Jenny Ray Gun

Awesome artwork from Fernando Faria.

Artist's comment: "One of my favorites moments on the show. Here is XJ9, using her unusal multi lens ray gun (Never leave the planet without one). As we know, the girl is full of tricks."


Xjsider said...

Heh,.. I love this pic =D

said… said...

yes it is finally done! good job^^


vafthe said...

:O plz check my blog
i need your assistence
i have to pass 4 zelda games in 48 hours n i don't feel motivated =(

The Great One said...

I do love a Woman with options and
the ability to kick some serious butt!

I even Offered to Date Kei from "Dirty Pair" and offered to bring my own guns

She was busy that night!

Ah Karma, you are so cruel

John said...

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