Wednesday, February 06, 2008

WFAM Jenny

Fantastic artwork from zackmolis based on the "Who fights against me" concept.

Wow... Jenny looks so rude on this one ;) !


said… said...

good pic but i wonder what wfam and the Chinese symbols mean?


The Great One said...

That looks like Japanese Kanji, but beyond that, "it's Greek to me"!

Now there is a look that would have been inspiring on the show. Makes lenny look like one of those "gundam" robots though where there is a human pilot inside. Kind of ruins the image of Jenny as we knoe and love her.

Wonderful artwork and rendition thoough!

Shannon said...

I believe WFAM may be use abbreviation for something. I am not sure about the chinese symbol but well done with cartoons.
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The Great One said...

Seems I wasn't clear about Kanji.

Japanese Kanji are similar to Chinese "characters" in that each one is a word or saying.

As Jenny is very popular in Japan, I have to assume these are Japanese referneces, thus they are Kanji, not Chinese Characteres. However, since Rought Draft Studios was where the story was drwan and inked, it ccould be Korean!

WFAM stands for "Whomever Fights Againet Me" in othere words "if you are not my ally, you are my enemy"

Or as some would say "If you ain't part of the solution, yous'e is part'a the problem!"