Monday, April 28, 2008

God Save The Queen!

Fantastic artwork from Fernando Faria.

Artist's comment: "This is a commemorative picture for the celebrations in Cluster Prime. It shows Vexus, in all of her royalty, as a "nice" ruler. But it's all Cluster propaganda."

Hail to Queen Vexus... the "Hi-tech Evil Queenie" of all times ^^ !


14bis said...

Its always a pleasure to see my work here in the Roblob .
I visit this page since the beggining .
And I only hope some of the creators of the show could see my paintings .

Anonymous said...

Hey fernado spontanous work really artistic you ever since ive been on Roblog i seen some great pieces of art once again terrfic job ^ ^

said… said...

sweet good job again FF

THE werewolfXbeast of the night said...
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THE werewolfXbeast of the night said...

"oh yes vexus,i will be a loyal slave..."