Monday, May 05, 2008

Kiddies & Realism...

Hilarious fanart from XJKenny.

LOL! ... seems that Jenny won't sleep this night xD !

Quite realistic artwork from Fernando Faria.

Artist's comment: "A quick paint (2 hours) of my view of a real Jenny. Just my wish that there was a teenage robot movie in the making."

This reminds me some art from the past... she looks in a "real world" perspective :) !


said… said...

lol that misty! it seems that in real life she is a brave person but in her younger days she is a scared little girl!

Anonymous said...

Somebody should tell misty that theres no such thing as monsters!!!!
lol xD

The Great One said...

Fernando has a unique way of looking at things that shows great promise.

His "realistic" view of Jenny is wonderful on so many levels that Nick or CN should see it.

I would send a copy to Rob Renzetti and Janice Kawaye for their take on it!

iheartkatamari said...

Yeesh, that pesky monster in the bathroom again...

Great artwork!