Sunday, June 15, 2008

Crust pranks & kiddies!

Artist's comment: "Here is another MLaaTR kiddies, this time in comic format, mini Jenny and Misty just got their hands on a summer special version of potato chips in large packaging and full of air in it XD and somehow they can't resist squeezing, and you guess it, POP-!!! LOL XD "

Artist's comment: "All girls have wanted to go to beach and show off their bikinis and so does Jenny as well, when Jenny is quietly preparing her bikini, the Crust Cousins caught a glimpse of it ^^ "

Hilarious artwork and comic from XJKenny ^^ !

Also, you can watch Vega & Jenny on their days-off right here!


said... said...

LOL! sometimes it is just so tempting to pop thoes open

Joshua said...

I like to pop da chips