Monday, September 29, 2008

Ready to wrestling!

A great drawing by CrimsonFace ^^ !

Jenny and Tuck disguised as "El Tigre" characters. Maybe there's another "Robot Riot" competition on the road, hehe ;) !


The Great One said...

Jenny makes the CUTEST Frida!

Wonder if Janice's friend Grey Delisle could add a voice over , like she does in the "El Tigre" show.

Anonymous said...

This reminds me of a rejected idea for a fantasy sequence in a MLAATR. Sadly it was rejected and the fantasy sequence ended up as a YIN YANG YO-fantasy instead of EL TIGRE.

BTW, if anyone cares what roleplay is it? It is called "Tucker Come Home".


ml-78 said...

I must agree with "the great one" Jenny is simply adorable is this picture!

I wonder how Jenny would look if she dressed up like El Tigre?

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Wow, with those figures my son will be ready to wrestling because he likes so much those robots, he will be delighted with that creation.